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Humanitarian Contributions of Pakistan Armed Forces

Compiled By : Mirza Kashif Baig & Mahmood Khan

Pakistan Armed Forces Mountaineer Rescue
Record holder mountaineer stuck in Karakoram rescued by Pak Army
ISLAMABAD -7 August, 2015:- World record holder British mountaineer Vanessa O’Brien has been rescued by Pakistan army in Karakoram. Vanessa said that she was rescued by the army from a very difficult situation,. Vanessa wanted to surmount Goodwin Austin (K-2) but got stuck in a difficult situation. Pakistan army’s special aviation ‘Fearless Five’ team rescued her. The British mountaineer currently holds the record of surmounting all the seven continents in least time. Vanessa said that Pakistan army’s ‘Fearless Five Team’ rescued her from a very difficult situation. She told that Nepali and Japanese members of her team suffered injuries while trying to surmount K-2. Paying tribute to the army, she said that there is no comparison to Pakistan army’s Fearless Five Team’.

Slovenian mountaineer rescued from Karakoram range: ISPR
July 14, 2015 | ISLAMABAD: A Slovenian mountaineer, suffering from high altitude sickness, was rescued from the Karakoram mountain range by a Pakistan Army Aviation helicopter, according to a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).PakHuman3
“Mr.Kajetan Rock Decman, a Slovenian climber who fell sick during an expedition in the Karakoram mountain range at a height of about 6,000 meters, was rescued by army aviation helicopters,” the ISPR statement said.
The statement further said that Mr Rock was part of seven-member expedition of the Karakoram mountain range. When the expedition reached the international hiking and altitude expedition camp (IHEC) at 6,000 M, the mountaineer began suffering from a bout of high altitude sickness.
His team sent a rescue request to the army which immediately responded by sending helicopters to save the mountaineer’s life.

Pakistan Army rescues US mountaineer from K-2
8 July, 2015| Pakistan Army rescued US mountaineer Robert Jackson from K-2 base camp, airlifting him to Skardu for treatment. The 38-year-old was part of a 27-member team on an expedition to summit K-2, having arrived in Pakistan on June 16.PakHuman4
“He suffered altitude sickness enroute to K-2 and was brought to Skardu through army aviation helicopters,” an Inter Services Public Relations statement read.
A total of five mountaineering teams have reached K-2 base camp so far. Among them is South African-born Swiss explorer and adventurer Mike Horn, who aims to ski down K-2 after summit.
However, most of the teams have decided to move their acclimatization process to neighboring Broad Peak (8,051m) owing to a number of avalanches on K-2. Avalanches on the mountain have increased following last week’s earthquake in China.

Pakistan Army rescues Japanese mountaineer from Broad Peak
July 23, 2015| SKARDU  Pakistan Army saved the life of another mountaineer through chopper in their third rescue operation of the month.  Pakistan Army chopper evacuatedPakHuman5 Japaneses mountaineer Miss SumyoTsuzki and shifted to hospital. According to (ISPR) leg of Miss SumyoTsuzki fractured at Broad Peak base camp. ISPR revealed that it was third rescue operation by Army aviation pilots. According to statement by Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), “He suffered height sickness enroute to K-2 summit and was brought to Skardu through army aviation helicopters,”
Pakistan Air Force

Pakistan Air Force Participates Actively In Ongoing Rescue/Relief Operation In Flood Affected Areas Of  Sindh
Islamabad: Pakistan Air Force has actively started the rescue and relief operations for the flood affectees of Sindh Province. A Crisis Control Cell has been established at Air Headquarters Islamabad to centrally control the rescue and relief activities. Additionally, Collection Points have been established at all PAF Bases to collect relief goods and donations for the affectees.PakHuman6
PAF would also voluntarily airlift relief goods donated by charity / welfare organizations by its C130 aircraft free of charge to the rain affected areas. PAF Helicopters and Boats have been positioned at flood affected districts of Sindh to carryout rescue and relief operations. Medical Camps are also being established at various locations to provide emergency medical facilities to the affected people. PAF employees have contributed two days salary as donation for the flood affected people.

Operation Umeed-e-Nuh
Pakistan Navy To The Rescue Of Indian Sailors
Operation Umeed-e-Nuh (Operation New Hope), was a naval humanitarian and a rescue operation in order to secure the merchant vessel MV Suez. The operation was carried out by the Pakistan Navy. The merchant vessel MV Suez operated under the flag of Panama and had an Egyptian owner, Red Sea Navigation. On August 2, 2010, the vessel was attacked and taken hostage by Somali pirates. PakHuman7Pakistani human rights activist Ansar Burney and Govt of Pakistan managed to secure the release of the 22 men crew with a payout of US$2.1 million. The pirates released the vessel on 16 June 2011. However, multiple issues involving low fuel and deteriorated operational and material meant that the crew needed additional help from the Pakistan Navy.
On Monday, 13 June 2011, naval frigate PNS Babur successfully evacuated and later shifted the crew members to safety on F-251 PNS Zulfiqar. The crew members, consisting of 4 Pakistanis, 6 Indians, 11 Egyptians and one Sri Lankan, were successfully brought to land at the port city of Karachi.

Pak Navy’s Humanitarian operation at Yemen
by Pakistan Navy
Apr 4, 2015 | Living up to the traditions of serving the humanity, Pakistan Navy was again at the forefront in rendering humanitarian assistance for evacuation of Pakistani and Foreign Nationals stranded at Yemen. Pakistan Navy Ships ASLAT and SHAMSHEER successfully evacuated  a large number of stranded Pakistani and Foreign Nationals from Yemeni Ports of Ash Shihr and Al-Hudaydah.PakHuman8
Pakistan Navy Ship SHAMSHEER successfully evacuated 63 Pakistani and Foreign nationals from Al-Hudaydah twice and disembarked them at Djibouti and Jazan in Saudi Arabia. Whereas, Pakistan Navy Ship  ASLAT successfully evacuated 146 Pakistani and 36 Foreign Nationals (08 Chinese, 11 Indians, 05 Filipinos, 04 British, 03 Indonesians, 02 Syrians and one each from Canada, Egypt and Jordan) from Yemeni Port of Ash Shihr to Karachi. Upon arrival at Karachi Port on 7 Apr 15, all evacuees successfully returned to their respective hometowns and countries.

United Nations adopts Pakistan’s claim for extension of continental shelf limits
Pakistan’s sea grows by 50,000 sq kms
March 21st, 2015 | Pakistan’s exclusive economic zone has grown by 150 nautical miles, adding around 50,000 square kilo-metres of international waters to its territory. A United Nations commission has accepted Pakistan’s claim for extension of its continental shelf limits from 200 nautical miles to 350 nautical miles, according to a statement issued by the Pakistan Navy on Friday. “This adds over 50,000 sq kms of continental shelf to the existing 240,000 sq kms of EEZ under Pakistan’s jurisdiction,” is added. Pakistan now enjoys exclusive rights over the seabed and subsoil resources, allowing it to drill for petroleum or lay submarine cables or pipelines in the added area.PakHuman9
Article 76 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea allows coastal states to extend their continental shelf beyond 20 nautical miles. However, the state is required to prove its case through technical data to the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf  a body of 21 experts in geology, geophysics, hydrography and related disciplines.
In 2005, the navy and the National Institute of Oceanography with the science and technology ministry had started this project. After years of processing technical data, a submission was made to the UN on April 30, 2009.
A seven-member commission after over a year-long scrutiny adopted the recommendations for extension of the country’s continental shelf. Pakistan’s delegation gave the final presentation on March 10. The UN has now announced the adoption of Pakistan’s claim.
The navy statement termed the decision a landmark in the country’s history which would bring vast economic benefits through the exploitation of extensive natural resources.

PAKISTAN’s Contribution in UN Peacekeeping Missions
Every year, International Day of United Nations (UN) Peacekeepers is celebrated on May 29 to pay tribute to all those who served in the UN peacekeeping operations and to honor the memory of those who lost their lives in the cause of peace. This very day also reminds Pakistan Armed Forces role in UN peacekeeping measures, during war and peace time. Today, Pakistan’s position as one of the largest troop contributing country in the world with one of the highest peacekeepers’ casualty figure is testimony to its commitment and endeavors towards promoting the noble cause of global peace. It is not easy to achieve peace in world’s conflict ridden areas. But Pakistan Army’s history is replete with sacrifices, services to humanity and promoting collective security for human prosperity. PakHuman10
However, Pakistan has participated in 41 UN missions in 23 states where total 142,542 Pakistani personnel engaged, taking start from UN Congo Operation in 1960. Pak army delivered its services there, and contributed in ordnance, transport and staff. In this regard, Pakistan is a big player in UN peacekeeping forces. Pakistan joined the United Nations on September 30, 1947. Since 1960, it has been actively involved in most of the UN peacekeeping missions. Major contributions of Pakistan Army are in Congo, Liberia Somalia, Ivory Coast, Western Sahara, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Kosovo, Georgia, East Timor Haiti etc. Even, at present, more than 8200 troops of Pakistan Army are engaged in different peacekeeping missions across various volatile countries.
The performance of Pakistani peacekeepers has been recognized worldwide by several world leaders including those of the UN. An undeniable professional standing of Pakistani forces has made them the passion of every special representative of Secretary General and Force Commander in each of UN peacekeeping operations. In this respect, Pakistan’s dedication towards UN has been acknowledged by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who himself visited Pakistan and inaugurated the Center for International Peace and Stability (CIPS) on 13 August 2013 and praised Pakistan’s efforts in UN peacekeeping missions.

Current deployment
1999 : Congo(Second Civil War ; 3556 Troops
2003 : Liberia (Second Liberian Civil war) ; 2741     Troops
2004 : Burundi (Burundi Civil War); 1185         Troops
2004 :  Ivory Coast (Civil War) ; 1145 Troops
2005 : Sudan (Second Civil War) 1542 Troops
Staff / Observers; 191 Observers

Sacrifice for Peace
In pursuance of Pakistan Army’s commitment towards global peace, 128 Pakistani soldiers have heretofore sacrificed their lives for global peace; almost two men per year. Contribution made in this regard be speaks Pakistan’s desire to see the principles of human dignity freedom and self-determination applied. Mission wise causality details are as under:-
Somalia :  42 (Including 5 x Officers); Sierra Leone :  24 (Including 7 x Officers) ; Liberia : 18 (Including 2  Officers) ; Congo : 12 ; Ivory Coast : 9 (Including 2 x Officers) ; Bosnia : 8 (Including 2 x Officers) ; Sudan : 6 (Including 1 x Officer) ; Burundi : 4; Haiti :  2 (Including 1 x Officer); Georgia : 1 (Officer) ; Cambodia  : 1; Western Sahara : 1. Somalia :  42 (Including 5 x Officers); Sierra Leone :  24 (Including 7 x Officers) ; Liberia : 18 (Including 2  Officers) ; Congo : 12 ; Ivory Coast : 9 (Including 2 x Officers) ; Bosnia : 8 (Including 2 x Officers) ; Sudan : 6 (Including 1 x Officer) ; Burundi : 4; Haiti :  2 (Including 1 x Officer); Georgia : 1 (Officer) ; Cambodia  : 1; Western Sahara : 1.

Pakistan Army
COAS directs army to provide relief to flood affectees
Army Chief General Raheel Sharif has directed all field commanders of the Pakistan Army to extend all possible assistance to people in areas affected by floods.
“All field commanders have been instructed to carry out effective reconnaissance of their areas and provide all possible relief to people affected by floods,” said a spokesperson from Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).PakHuman11
“All corps headquarters are monitoring the flood situation in their respective areas of responsibility, and have made preparations to deal with any eventuality arising due to expected floods,” the ISPR spokesperson added.
Pakistan Army has continued its rescue and relief operations in the worst hit areas of Chitral district, where the army and the Frontier Corps (FC) distributed 16 tons of ration with the help of local civil administration, the spokesperson elaborated further.
Army troops have rescued 73 civilians from the worst hit areas in Chitral district, and have also dedicated two helicopters for relief and rescue operations.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had also instructed the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to reinforce relief and rescue efforts.
Roads, bridges and water schemes were washed away in Chitral district as heavy rains triggered flash floods washed away a number of villages. More than a hundred villages have been affected by floods in various districts of Punjab whereas 200 villages along the River Indus have been evacuated.
In 2010, the worst floods in the country’s history killed almost 1,800 people and affected 21 million.

Army’s one-day ration for flood affectees
August 01, 2015: ISLAMABAD – Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif announced one day Army’s ration for flood affected people.
Inter Service Public Relation (ISPR) in a statement said that General Raheel reviewed that army’s ongoing flood relief efforts and directed all concerned to continue rescue and relief efforts in flood-affected areas leaving no stone unturned. General Raheel Sharif directed all to act first and report later. Pakistan Army quickly responded to floods situation in the country when ferocious flooding cut off Chitral’s land communication network.

Restoration of communication Link
Army’s engineering units moving quickly restored the links that helped the people to reach safe places from where they were airlifted to safer places.
The army units also launched effective rescue and relief operations in not only Chitral but elsewhere to help people facing difficulties in floods in Punjab and Sindh provinces as well. The rescue and relief operations continue unabated. This all happened on the directive of Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif.

Pakistan Navy
Pakistan Navy’s operation Madad continues Pakistan Navy rescue teams rescued another 1795 flood affectees
August 04, 2015: Pakistan Navy Rescue teams deployed at Badin, Khairpur, Sukkur, PanoAqil, Larkana, Ranipur and Gambit are conducting flood relief operations since 27 Jul 15. In the last 24 hours, PN teams have rescued 1795 from flood affected areas. So far a total of 17519 personnel have been evacuated. PakHuman12PN in collaboration with District administration has also established relief camp/Tent City at Khairpur.
The camp is functional and actively rendering requisite facilities to the flood affectees residing in the camp. Additionally, 7.8 Tons ration was distributed to flood affectees at PanoAqil. Pakistan Navy resolves to stand by its brethren in this hour of need and is determined to take every possible step to lessen the miseries of populace in flood stricken areas.

PN donates its one-day ration to flood affectees
9th August 2015| KARACHI: Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah announced the donation of one day’s ration of Pakistan Navy (PN) personnel to the flood affectees. PakHuman13
He announced this during his visit to various rescue sites and relief camps established by Pakistan Navy in the flood affected areas. The Chief of Naval Staff accompanied by Commander Coast, Rear Admiral Syed Bashir Ahmad visited district Shaheed Benazirabad to review the PN relief efforts being made under Operation “MADAD,” said a press release issued by COMKAR, Pakistan Navy.
The announcement was said to come at a time when Pakistan Navy has already embarked upon major flood relief efforts under Operation “MADAD”.
Fifty four tons of relief goods have already been distributed by PN amongst the flood affectees and this additional donation was said to be distributed amongst the flood affectees of far flung areas where the help has not reached so far.PakHuman14
Chief of Naval Staff expressed his satisfaction over the relief activities. He directed Commander Coast to closely monitor the flood situation and continue rescue and relief efforts till complete rehabilitation of the affectees by judiciously utilizing the deployed assets and resources with unswerving diligence.

PAF Aircraft Airlifts
relief goods for flood-hit areas of Chitral July 26, 2015  Islamabad | A PAF C-130 aircraft carrying relief goods including dry ration and mineral water forflood affected people landed at Chitral.
According to a PAF spokesman here, while on its way back to PAF Base Nur Khan, the aircraft also evacuated 46 floodaffectees from Chitral.  PAF has airlifted more than 15 tons of dry ration comprising flour, rice, pulses, oil, milk, tea, sugar and mineral water for theflood affected of Chitral.PakHuman15
On the special instructions of Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal SohailAman, a Crisis Control Cell has been established at Air Headquarters Islamabad to centrally monitor the rescue activities and the PAF is ready to carry out relief operations in flood affected areas. It may be mentioned here that the PAF is undertaking rescue and relief operations in the flood affected areas of Chitral on the instructions of the government.




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