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PN History

The birth of Royal Pakistan Navy came with the creation of Pakistan on the historic day of 14 August 1947. Like other navies of the commonwealth, Pakistan’s Navy also had the prefix “Royal” until the country was proclaimed a republic in 1956. At 0800 on 14 August 1947, the flag of Rear Admiral J W Jeffords, Flag Officer Commanding Royal Pakistan Navy was hosted on his Flagship HMPS GODAVARI. The Admiral’s first signal addressed to the officers and men of the RPN was flashed to all ships and shore establishments.

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Quaid’s address at
H.M.P.S.  “Dilawar”

The first world War of 1914-18 was fought to end war. Its horrors quickened the conscience of the world and set statement thinking to devise ways and means of outlawing war. This led to the birth of the League of Nations and the idea of collective security but the League of Nations proved only a hope. It failed to avert World War No.2. The destruction caused by the first world war pales into insignificance as  compared to the devastation and havoc resulting from the last world and now with the discovery of the Atom Bomb, one shudders  to think of the pattern of future wars. The war weary humanity in watching with fear and hope the evolution of the United Nations Organization for on its ability to successfully deal with the cause of war and threats to world peace will depend the salvation of mankind and the future of civilization.
Pakistan which has been recently admitted to the United Nations Organization will do everything in its power to strengthen the Organization and help it in the achievement of the ideals which have been set up as its goal. While giving the fullest support to the principles of the United Nations Charter we cannot afford to neglect our defenses.

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However strong the United Nations Organization might be, the primary responsibility for the defense of our country will rest with us and Pakistan must be prepared for all eventualities and dangers. The weak and the defenseless, in this imperfect world, invite aggression from others. The best way in which we can serve the cause  of peace is by removing  temptation can only be removed if we make ourselves to strong that nobody dare entertain any aggressive designs against us. Pakistan is still in its infancy and so is its navy and other branches of the armed forces. But this infant means to grow up and God willing will grow up much sooner than many people think.
     Every one of you has an important role to play in strengthening the defense of the country and your watchwords should be faith, discipline and self-sacrifice. You will have to make up for the smallness of your size by your courage and selfless devotion to duty for it si not life that matters but the courage, fortitude and determination you bring to it.
    I see some of you, who constitute the bodyguard at present provided at the governor- general’s residence, practically everyday. Today I see you in much large numbers and I am greatly impressed by your bearing and turn out.  You must remember that you Headquarters Karachi, the gateway to western Pakistan, besides being the port of call of ships of other nations, is also  on the air route  from the West to the East. People from all over the globe pass through Karachi and the eyes of the world are on you. I trust that, by your behavior and deportment  you will never let Pakistan down, but would keep up the best traditions of the service and maintain high the  honour and  prestige of Pakistan as one of the greatest nations of the  world.



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