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USA – India – Israel and Afghanistan Nexus Responsible for the new wave of Terrorism in Pakistan

Pakistan has been subject to global isolation in the past due to the increasing terrorist activities in the country. This, however, has changed as Pakistan has managed to curb terrorism through Operation ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ which can be effectively quoted as the most effective operation undertaken against extremist elements by any country. Just when the nation was enjoying the fruits of the new found peace, eight bombs in five days. The blasts rocked the nation in a matter of just five days, the deadliest among them was the blast on Sehwan Shrine located in the Province of Sindh.

This new wave of terrorism left the entire country in shock and grief while the foreign planted or bought stooges among Pakistan’s media started questioning the effectiveness and the sincerity of Pakistan’s military in regard to Operation Zarb-e-Azb. Most of the Pakistanis at stage fail to understand the gravity of the problem that they are faced with; hence, they become easy victims to such negative propaganda. It is essential for the people of Pakistan to understand that they are being subject to multi-faceted war and it is not ending anytime soon.

A nexus of USA – India – Israel and Afghanistan has formed against Pakistan mainly to counter China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and they have launched a hybrid war against Pakistan. Here it is important to understand what a hybrid war entails. In such a war a country is made to bleed on the inside by the emergence of non-state actors, in the form of terrorists and separatist factions. These recent series of attacks and the emergence of ‘terrorist organization are all part of this war.

On a closer look, one can understand that these attacks are just the beginning of a new and severe wave of terror, which pre-planned and pre-organized. USA – India – Israel and Afghanistan Nexus undertook multiple false flag attacks, such as the Uri attack, both on Indian and Afghanistan soil to serve as a precedent to engage Pakistan and provide an irrational justification to support terrorists on Pakistani soil. Furthermore, Pakistan is being targeted at this time particularly due to number of factors.USA - India - Israel and Afghanistan

Firstly, India had vowed to take revenge for Uri attack, a false flag attack conducted by India, and as a response to Kashmir clashes which is a reaction of Indian oppression by the Kashmiri people. Secondly, the timings are ripe as a new Chief of Army Staff (COAS) has just taken office which means that Pakistani military is in transition stage, serving as a test for the new military leadership and could create a crisis which might raise tensions between the military and political leadership. Also, these renewed attacks are a reaction to the growing ties between Russia and Pakistan, and to fact that Russia is playing a central role in the conflict resolution process in Afghanistan. As result these attacks are aimed to make Russia reconsider its ties with Pakistan and to throw Moscow off its game by creating the illusion that Afghanistan war is spilling into Pakistan now and is far from over. Lastly, the fact that Trump administration is flexing its muscles at China in the South China sea and the rising tensions with Russia will result in a surge of terrorism in Pakistan as America feels the need to Punish both China and Russia for their successes with Pakistan, hence, disturbing American hegemony.

The main aim behind this hybrid war is to sabotage CPEC by making Pakistan appear as indecisive, taking a defensive stance and on the verge of instability, forcing China to reconsider the wisdom behind pursuing this CPEC. This aim is far reality as CPEC is essential to One Belt One Road (OBOR) vision of China; however, the threat is real which is why it is important for Pakistan to take strong and decisive measures to address the foreign funded terrorism on its soil.

Firstly, Pakistan needs to encourage its neighbors like China, Iran, Central Asian countries and Russia to increase intelligence. It will be wise, from a diplomatic standpoint, to involve US, NATO and Kabul administration in this measure regardless of how little their role may be. Secondly, Pakistan should step up its efforts and put forward a strong case at UN as to Indian involvement in the recent terror attacks in Pakistan which were made possible due to the joint efforts of US-Indian-Israel and Afghanistan Intelligence.

USA - India - Israel and Afghanistan

Next, Pakistan needs to step up its cross border strikes but refrain from a deploying ground troops. Instead it will be wise to relay on air strikes and raids conducted by elite forces.

In the end it is crucial to realize that Pakistani media needs to be engaged appropriately and on the other hand the nation should firmly support the recently launched operation ‘Raad-ul-Fisaad’ while hoping that it would be just as effective, or perhaps more than, operation ‘Zarb-e-Azb’. Pakistan has already taken severe actions; by killing one hundred terrorists on 17th February 2017, closing the Afghan Borders, destroying the terrorist camps in Afghanistan and by combing operation in Punjab which was denied earlier by Punjab Government.

The full swing operation is not limited to Punjab but carried out through out Pakistan to counter terrorist’s activities. India, America, Israel and Afghanistan must understand that they themselves are living glass houses. They should not through stone at Pakistan and their agents shall meet the fate by the help of Allah and all efforts. They should stop doing crimes against humanity. Furthermore, Pakistan has organized ECONOMIC Cooperation’s conference on 1st March 2017 and shall organize PSL cricket match on 5th February 2017 to demonstrate that Pakistan has handled terrorists effectively.

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