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My views on reviews

By Shafique Ahmed Shafique

Book’s Name:Indian Unsafeguarded Nuclear Program

Authors’ name:Adeela Azam, Ahmed Khan, Syed Muhammad Ali, Sameer Ali Khan.

The political situation in the sub-continent as well as the Pakistan – India relations from 1947 to 2017 are part of history, both issues indicating that the very existence of Pakistan was never been accepted by India. It has always tried to dominate Pakistan politically, economically and militarily. The Indian Government has always been conscious its population and size. Its quest for nuclear capability and missile delivery system was another manifestation of its pursuit of superpower status. India is desirous to be recognised as an important figure in the world’s political, economic and military scenario.

It is also an undeniable part of history that the friend-like enemy America has always supported and encouraged India for her evil and anti-peace business against our country Pakistan.US is still busy to harm Pakistan indirectly. America has own power but our power is The Almighty God US and India cannot defeat the almighty God by any way. These are the facts well known not only to the masses, but also to the leaders and intellectuals of the sub-continent as well to the peoples of the world. Every conscious man in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh knows what India is doing with her neighbours particularly with Pakistan. At present all these issues are being discussing by different angles regularly in magazines, newspapers, TV and radio.

Poets, writers and journalists of the subcontinent have also given special attention to Indo-Pak relations. They underline the necessities of peace and love not only between Pakistan and India, but also among the peoples and governments of whole South Asia as well as whole world to achieve peace, progress and prosperity for the entire humankind in the real sense. Keeping in view the present situation ‘Indian Un-safeguarded Nuclear Program’ is a timely effort. It is a very important book in view of its subject matter. It is an assessment as well as a serious research work of four researchers. As we know, that India has never accepted Pakistan as a sovereign state. It is a basic and fundamental policy of Indian government to harm and divide this country in to five parts.

 No matter what were the causes which help to succeed India to dismember East Pakistan from Pakistan but it has been proved that by hatching this conspiracy India is not among our friends. The situation of Baluchistan is also undeniable evident of India’s enmity.  Everyone knows that India is again busy to harm us by doing nefarious and shameful activities by   provoking a handful people to wage war against their own country. India is not the enemy of Pakistan only but is enemy of peace and humanity.

The book Indian Unsafeguarded Nuclear Program’ is written by four writers: Adeela Azam, Ahmed Khan, Syed Muhammad Ali and Sameer Ali Khan. It is an excellent outcome of four researchers.’The book under discussion may be termed as having four chapters or consists of four research write-ups such as (1) ‘Indian Nuclear Energy Needs and Uranium Reserves’ by Adeela Azam, (2) ‘Indian Uranium Enrichment Capacity and Future Requirements’ by Ahmed Khan, (3) ‘Indian Unsafeguarded Nuclear Reactor Program: The Role of Individual, Politics and Technology’ by  Syed Muhammad Ali and (4) ‘Indian Nuclear Reprocessing Program’ by Sameer Ali Khan.

Along with these basic informative and thoughtful essays to prove authenticity, there are also list of tables, list of figures and acronyms. Besides his basic research article, Syed Muhammad Ali has also written the preface of this book which gives a lot of precious information to the readers. It is not possible to discuss the all four research articles including preface of the book under review. In a nutshell it may be opined that the book is voice of the present day which mirroring the bitter realities. The book will be extolled open heartedly by the serious minded people. It invites us to think over the current issues related to Pakistan and India.



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