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China Is Ready to Defend its Interests in South China Sea

The growth of China as a regional power has been a concern for the US for quite some time now. The US has been planning for years to control and encircle China. The Vietnam War was such an attempt. MR.Tony Cartalucci in US Pacific Hegemony vs. a Rising China highlighted three important aspects of the 1969 “Pentagon Papers”.

…there are three fronts to a long-run effort to contain China (realizing that the USSR “contains” China on the north and northwest): (a) the Japan-Korea front; (b) the India-Pakistan front; and (c) the Southeast Asia front.

If considered closely, these papers seem to explain the cause of disturbance in the Asia Pacific region. The US maintains a strong presence in Japan and Korea in the form of navy vessels and troops. For the Southeast Asia region, America maintains a series of NGOs which operate to extend its interest and ensure subservience of these nations. In contrast, America uses its political clout in Pakistan and has developed armed extremist groups to ensure that violence ensues in the Gawadar Port, its surrounding area and throughout the province of Baluchistan where Chinese investment is significant. This port along with the route being developed as China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) provides China the shortest, cheapest and safest access to Middle East and Europe. For America this development is not acceptable, therefore, it has used India and Afghanistan to build pressure on Pakistan.

China Is Ready to Defend its Interests in South China Sea

In southern China Sea, US has now decided to directly engage China by interfering directly in matters of Chinese national interest. America claims that China is building “Artificial Islands” to advance its sovereignty, while China claims that the term “Artificial Islands” is not accurate in this case as the Islands are being expanded and are not being built entirely. In reference to this matter the US Secretary of Defense has clearly stated that the ships and aircrafts of the United States stand ready and would “fly, sail and operate whenever international law permits”. It is reported by US media that American ships are ready to move within 12 nautical miles from these “artificial islands” located in the South China Sea where China requires that any flying object or passing by vessel should Identify itself otherwise it will shot down or destroyed. US aircrafts have violated China made rules several times with no said action by China. This time also US intent is to challenge China’s claim over the Nansha Island and to halt China’s construction work in that area.

This construction is a defensive measure taken by China to restrict US influence, which has been quite disruptive in the region. Considering the unprovoked covert aggression that US had resorted to, this measure seems a necessity. Furthermore, the US has no claim over the area and Chinese defensive capability in this region does not pose a threat to the North American continent. Based on this the only logical explanation for such provocation is that US has openly declared itself as a global bully who intends to maintain its domination over the Asia Pacific region, something which is not tolerated by China. In addition to being a defensive measure, China claims that it will prove to benefit the entire region.

These actions of the US are nothing but acts of provocation towards China and it can be safely assumed that China’s military will stand ready to provide counter response to any hostile measures taken by the US. This translates into a serious situation as both the countries are well equipped to defend their interests, however, such a conflict is not necessary and will result only from the irresponsible attitude of the US because the work being carried out by China is not a threat and it is legitimate in every way.

It is high time now that America realizes that it cannot dominate this region or the whole Universe and that it is not in its own interest to test China especially at a time when US is being challenged by Russia in Ukraine, Baltic States, Arctic region and Syria, it’s policies for Iraq and Afghanistan are being highlighted for their failure, and when terrorist organizations like Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and ISIS are being attributed to its name. American intellectuals are also advising Obama administration to be careful and to take more interest at home in making the economy better by developing jobs opportunities , to provide more health facilities and even Law and Order situation, which is going beyond the specified limits.



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