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Shame on Indian Democracy

India is the biggest democracy in the world, a claim that is endorsed by the leading powers of this world, including the champion of western democracy, America. Before going into further detail let’s consider the four pillars of democracy that ensure a firm foundation for a democratic structure, namely; justice, equality, freedom and representation. The first pillar, justice, protects all people from being treated unfairly by the law. Equality refers to the equality of opportunity. In a democracy, every man, woman, and child is given the same basic opportunities to find peace, equal opportunities and tranquility. The pillar of freedom represents a person’s basic freedoms of religion, speech and travel, among others. The last pillar, representation, ensures that all citizens have the right to choose who represents them in the government.

Let’s now consider the democratic state of Indian affairs under Modi regime. Mr. Modi is a respectable politician with a reputation to render justice with an iron fist. He carved this image of him after he handed down justice to the Indian DemocracyMuslims of Gujrat in 2002. In order to punish the Muslims for the serious crime of following the faith of Islam and not that preached by the Vedas, Mr. Narendra Modi who was the Chief Minister of Gujrat at the time, devised a shrewd strategy which involved the burning of a train in Godhra on 27 February 2002, which caused the deaths of 58 Hindu pilgrims (karsevaks) returning from Ayodhya. safe domain names . Thus, began the severe punishment for the Muslims. The riot that followed this incident claimed the lives of 790 Muslims according to official figures, 2,500 people were injured non-fatally, and 223 more were reported missing. Non official sources, however, estimated that up to 2,000 Muslims died. There were instances of rape, children being burned alive, and widespread looting and destruction of property. According to many sources entire buildings, where the Muslim culprits according to Modi and his followers resided, were burnt alive as the residents were locked inside. Mr. Modi left no stone unturned in rendering Modi- justice and used his powers as Chief Minister to control the police and government officials, so much so that they directed the rioters and gave lists of Muslim-owned properties to them. India’s justice system was questioned when this Hindutawa’s hero was asked to answer for these (as per Modi) just acts in a court of law, however confidence in Indian Justice system was quickly restored when he was cleared of all charges a Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by the Supreme Court of India. The SIT also rejected claims that the state government had not done enough to prevent the riots. In July 2013, allegations were made that the SIT had suppressed evidence, however, that is really not important for Modi’s brand of justice was served.

Now let’s consider equality, in this regard the Hindu caste system does a wonderful job for a man like Modi as it ensures that the lower caste Hindus and the minorities of India do not get preferential treatment out of sympathy and there are countless incidents to support this claim. The next in line is the pillar of freedom which India has embodied perfectly by denying it entirely. All religious practices of the minorities are suppressed, because let’s face it, it’s easier to practice freedom if it is limited to just to the dominant religious group and the top most social class. The world witnessed examples of this recently when Muslims were forbidden to sacrifice cows during their holy ritual of Eid, as cows are sacred to the Hindus. Some Muslims were even beaten up by angry mobs for eating beef and were forced fed pork, consumption of which is forbidden in Islam. Other minorities’ like Sikh community was forced to respect Hindu freedom and was brought to their senses by burning their religious books.

What makes Indian Democracy so great?

The states of affairs in India are regarded by some elements as the worst form of state sponsored terrorism and suppression. These claims are made on the basis of events sponsored by Shiva Sena, an extremist Hindu party. These events include the splashing of ink on the face of Muslim lawmaker from Indian held Kashmir, dousing the Sudheendra Kulkarni with black ink for planning the launch of a book of Pakistan’s former foreign minister Khursheed Kasuri, halting the negotiations between the regulatory cricket bodies of India and Pakistan other such events aimed at harassing Muslims. It seems though that India is not bothered by such claims as perhaps as these acts are what make India a great democracy. As for these troublemaking minorities Mr. Narendra Modi intends to rid India of this nuisance by allowing the formation of Khalistan or another Pakistan out of the womb of mother India, but only if his brand of democracy is allowed to prevail.



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