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My views on reviews

By Shafique Ahmed Shafique

Book’s Name:Lamha Lamha Teray Naam

Author’s name:Noon Javaid

Javaid Muhammed Khan “Shafaq” of yester-years — now only Noon Javaid is a known fiqure of Urdu literary world, especially in Urdu poetry having a rich literary background. He is grandson of famous poet of Urdu and Persian as well as a literary journalist Khan Bahadur Habibun Nabi Solat. He is also one of the close relatives of Khan Bahadur Allama Raza Ali Wah’shat. The famous poet Khawaja Riazuddin Atash was his father-in-law.

Javaid born in Calcutta (Now Koli Kata), in August 20, 1952. His father’s name was Ghulam Muhammed Khan. He got his primary education from the well-known madresa i.e. Madresa Aalia of Koli Kata. After reaching East Pakistan he passed Matric and Intermediate in Dhaka.

Passed B.A. from Karachi University. He had to suffer pang of three migrations first from India to East Pakistan, second to Karachi after fall of Dhaka and third from Pakistan to US. Now-a-days he is residing along with his family in Chicago, America permanently.

Noon Javaid has two poetic anthologies to his credit. His first book. “Sawan Rut” seen the light of day in January 2002. After eight years his second book “Lamha Lamha Teray Naam” published in 2010. Both books have ghazals and all kinds of poems, including Geets, qata’at and hykos. Noon Javaid is basically a romantic poet. In spite of this he did not confine himself to only romance.

He puts in the preface of his first poetic collection that in the background of “Sawan Rut” there are not events of romance only but it has some very valuable reminiscences along with happiness, joy as well as plight and torment which he received from the society, relatives and friends.

His first and second collections of poems are evident of his claim as there are many verses, Ghazals, Geets and poetry which depict his sour and bitter as well as sweet and pleasant experiences along with romantic aspects.  The grievances of migration (Hijrat) and plight of landlessness (Bezamini) has also been expressed in his ghazals and poems.

Javaid has utilized his spontaneous abilities to create a niche of his own. In the other words it may be said that during poetic journey — from “Sawan Rut” to “Lamha Lamha Teray Naam”  the poet has come a long way in expression as well as in style.

It may be opined without any doubt that there is remarkable thought fullness and cogitation in his poems and ghazals. After the analytical study of “Sawan Rut” and “Lamha Lamha Teray Naam” one comes to the conclusion that Noon Javaid of 2002 has been conquered by Noon Javed of 2010. The distant of eight years made him more matured with deep insight into his surroundings.

The truthfulness of reality as well as his literary consciousness and ego prevented Noon Javaid from producing the kind of literature which is based on recreation and amusement only. There are reflections of very many problems in his achievements. “Khaab”, ”Nau Daulati”, ”Karb”, Khuda Hee Samjhay”, ”Mother Day”, “Watan”, ”Sokhan Shanas”, ”Dunia Ki Jannat” and ”Hawwa Ki Baiti” are among those poetry which speak of his involvement in social problems and plights.

It is a matter of satisfaction as well as pleasure that Noon Javaid’s poetic effort is progressing successfully. I hope his books which are in the pipeline will register more significant and remarkable examples in the poetic world of Urdu.



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