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Shafique Ahmed Shafique

Sham Say Pahlay

Book’s Name: Sham Say Pahlay.

Author’s name: Dr Zahid Husain.

Compiled by; Shair Siddiqi.

Publishers: Zain Publications, A-8, Nadeem Corner, Block-N,

North Nazimabad, Karachi, Phone: 0321-2011595.

Pages: 120

Price: Rs 300

Although the book under review “Sham Say Pahlay” is Zahid Husain’s first collection of short fictions but he is a well-known writer and his writings are coming out in literary journals. At the very outset when he was a medical student wrote very many satirical articles. He was also fond of mysticism (Tassauoof) and produces some very good write-ups on this subject. He has done literary reporting too. It seems that Zahid Husain was connected with 4 dimensions such as literary reporting, short story-writing, satirical essay-writing and producing write-ups on mysticism (Tassauoof).

Born in 1940 in Bahiri, Baraili (UP), India. Being a good short story writer he did not give his attention towards publishing his own book of stories while the books of his close friends were coming out. It is Shair Siddiqi who succeeded to convince and compelled him to publish anthology of his creative

writings. It may be mentioned here that I was among those persons who from the very beginning when Urdu composing was mot introduced was stressing repeatedly on friends to prepare themselves for publishing their books as the book is the solid reference of a person who are man of letters ( poet, critic, story writer). It is interesting that I had also advised Shair Siddiqi too in this regard when he was not author of any book. I tried to compel to publish book to Prof Azher Qadri, Arif Hoshyar Puri, Dr Zahid, Anwer Farhad, Aslam Faridi, Habib Ahsan, Ahmed Saeed Faizabadi and other members of Halqa-e-Aahang-e-Nau, I am sorry to reveal that my this advice fell on deaf ears. Only Aslam Faridi and Habib Ahsan published their books according to my advice. Prof Azher Qadri also ignored my advice. In this situation I took up this task and succeeded to collect Prof Azher Qadri’s articles from libraries and then published his book under the title of “Fikr-o-Fun Kay Moharrekaat” in 2001. It may also be recalled that Dr Zahid according to my friendly advice had started composing of his book when he was residing in New Karachi. He had shown me some composed materials on my request. But it could not be known that why he stopped this work. And after a long time Shair Siddiqi took this job and compiled the book under review.

This collection consists of 10 short stories. A reader during study of these stories can feel that the writer is not only aware of social, political, economic, religious and cultural events and activities but has that very guts to convert his experiences into

fine pieces by utilizing creative efforts and sensitive touches. We know that the socio-political and socio-economic events are like raw material, it is a writer or poet who changes them into fine and pretty pieces. Keeping in view this reality one may feel that Zahid Husain is also doing the same job like an expert spectator of his surroundings. Not only this but reproducing them with spontaneous touches. In this book, he has tried his best to set for himself a high standard of creative excellence. Zahid Hussain is very different from other writers in view of his style, way of thinking, use of vocabulary as well as subject matters.

“Bay Zamee Bay Aasma”, “Bonsai,” “Shaam Say Pahlay,” Joo-e-Sheer,””Phool Aur Kaee,”“Rajni Gandha,”“Bargad Ki Jarain” and “Tauq” are very interesting and thought provoking pieces which may not be ignored easily by readers and critics. He has tried his creative effort to create symbolic, allegorical, metaphorical, semi-symbolic and semi-allegorical short stories. In most of the short stories he has tried to mirror some very particular angles and aspects of the socio-culture, socio-economic and socio-politics. His attempt in this regard has proved him successful and has compelled the other writers and critics to applaud his creativities to a large extent. Though the book “Shaam Say Pahlay” physically is not long and fat but in view of literary values and fineness it is healthy and tall. I hope that the author of this book will not confine to only this book, he should continue to write stories constantly and will be able to publish his second book of short fictions very soon.



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