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US, India and Afghanistan Nexus: A Threat to World Peace

A sound and sane leadership is essential as it is the task of a leader to provide direction. The position of leadership is an important one, for a sane and shrewd leader would help improve the lives of followers whereas callous and greedy leadership will result in a disaster. Currently, there are many insane, blood thirsty and callous leaders who are governing very powerful countries. Countries, that are powerful enough to disrupt the entire world’s peace. These countries get to define what is right and wrong, what is good and evil, by evaluating their self-interests and going against anybody or any country which doesn’t fit into their plan. What’s worse is that they do all this in the name of spreading peace and eradicating evil. Leading, among this nexus, is the self-proclaimed champion of the free world and the foremost advocate of peace,  United States of America. The irony of the matter is that the US forces are responsible for the deaths of around 20 million people, in 37 countries, since world war II. In a way this would make America the biggest terrorist; however, the leaders of this country continue to audaciously lecture and threaten countries to ‘eliminate terrorism’. This basically means ‘do what we are telling you because that is in our interest, we don’t care what happens to you in the process and don’t even think about stabilizing your country because we won’t like it’. Their philosophy of countering terrorism is basically to export it to other countries in order to destabilize them and ensure that the US remains on top. A recent example of American bullying behavior was displayed by the US Secretary of State Mr. Rex Tillerson when he made a baseless accusation of existing terrorist safe havens in Paksitan and made it clear that if Islamabad can’t or won’t take decisive action to root out the terrorist safe havens on its territory, the United States will “adjust” its plans and deal with the situation on its own. In simple terms this translates as ‘ We are not happy with your stability and success against the terrorists, that we funded to destabilize you furthermore, we do not want you to be a part of CPEC as it may be good for you but we don’t like the idea of a strong independent Pakistan’. The funny part is that the demand to ‘do more’ is being made by a country whose actions have resulted in around 460,000 deaths in Iraq since 2003; 149,000 deaths in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2001 and who are responsible for the greatest number of deaths in Syria which was a peaceful country till US intervened. In order to strengthen its reign of terror, the US has aligned itself with countries who have a history of state sponsored terrorism, namely India. India has been involved in conducting terrorist activities inside Pakistan, and has openly accepted sponsoring terrorism in Baluchistan while stating that it will not shy away from equipping terrorists with nuclear weapons if it means wiping out Pakistan. Furthermore, Human rights abuses in Indian Occupied Kashmir state are ongoing till date. The atrocities range from enforced disappearances, mass killings, sexual abuse, rape and torture to suppression of freedom of speech and political repression. It is estimated that Indian forces are responsible for as many as 100,000 civilian casualties since 1989. It is therefore, no surprise that USA and India are becoming strong allies as they both believe in sponsoring terrorism and suppression to stay in power. Americans are in no way bothered about India’s claims of equipping terrorists with nuclear weapons or the poor state of security of their nuclear weapons; instead they are worried about Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, which meets all international safeguards. They are worried that a country which has uprooted terrorism might lose its highly secure nuclear assets to terrorists while ignoring the extremist Hindutva regime being pursued in India. It is important to understand here that USA, India and their puppet regime in Afghanistan pose a severe threat to world peace regardless of their claims, these countries are sponsoring terrorism to hide their cruel intentions and to eliminate competition. It is high time for the world to understand that the threat of extremist acquiring weapons of mass destruction has become a reality in the shape of US, India and their dummy setup in Afghanistan.  America plans to take out Pakistan’s nuclear assets through a four pronged plan. They understand that it will require extensive planning and this task is given to Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Under this plan they have highlighted some areas in Pakistan where fissile material or nuclear weapons may be hidden and have developed mock training sites to prepare the JSOC force for such an operation. They intend to first locate and remove most of the nuclear weapons and fissile material through sensitive instruments capable of detecting radioactive material. They intend to disable most of the strategic and tactical nuclear arsenal of Pakistan while the final stage will involve targeting Pakistan’s nuclear bunkers through precision strikes. Such a plan in itself is extreme in nature and would amount to war. America should understand that Pakistan is fully capable of defending its nuclear assets and will respond with extreme prejudice to any mistake made by America or India in this regard.



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