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Threat to Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets

The Pentagon has developed a set of highly detailed plans to destroy Pakistan’s nuclear assets

As received, it could be a dodge or just to create panic among Pakistan forces and people but still be taken seriously and considered possible threat and Pakistan forces should prepare themselves to teach a lesson to those who look at Pakistan’s strategic assets with dirty glances- Prepare ourselves, can best be done by following aggressively NK example and targeting, even placing ADMs in areas of vital interests of US. The rest I leave to the interpretation of our commanders now! Masada example MUST be followed.

How will US seize control of — or at least disable — the entire Pakistani nuclear arsenal in the event of a jihadist coup, civil war, or other catastrophic event. This “disablement campaign,” as one former senior Special Operations planner calls it, would be the most taxing and most dangerous of any special mission that JSOC could find itself tasked with.
Part 1:
The scale of such an operation would be too large for U.S. Special Operations components alone, so an across-the-board disablement campaign would beled by U.S. Central Command — and U.S. Pacific Command.
Part 2:
JSOC would take the lead, however, accompanied by civilian experts. It has been preparing for such an operation for years. JSOC forces are trained to breach the inner perimeters of nuclear installations and then to find, secure, evacuate — or, if that’s not possible, to “render safe” — any live weapons.
At the Nevada National Security Site, northwest of Las Vegas, Delta Force and SEAL Team Six squadrons practice “Deep Underground Shelter” penetrations, using extremely sensitive radiological detection devices that can pick up trace amounts of nuclear material and help Special Operations locate the precise spot where the fissile material is stored. JSOC has also built mock Pashtun villages, complete with hidden mock nuclear-storage depots, at a training facility on the East Coast, so SEALs and Delta Force operatives can practice there.
Part 3:
At the same time, U.S. military and intelligence forces have been quietly pre-positioning the necessary equipment in the region. In the event of a coup, U.S. forces would rush into the country, crossing borders, rappelling down from helicopters, and parachuting out of airplanes, so they can secure known or suspected nuclear-storage sites. According to the former senior Special Operations planner, JSOC units’ first tasks might be to disable tactical nuclear weapons — because those are more easily mated, and easier to move around, than long-range missiles.
Part 4:
In a larger disablement campaign, the U.S. would likely mobilize the Army’s 20th Support Command, whose Nuclear Disablement Teams would accompany Special Operations detachments or Marine companies into the country. These teams are trained to engage in what the military delicately calls “sensitive site exploitation operations on nuclear sites” — meaning that they can destroy a nuclear weapon without setting it off.
Generally, a mated nuclear warhead can be deactivated when its trigger mechanism is disabled. So both the Army teams and JSOC units train extensively on the types of trigger mechanisms that Pakistani weapons are thought to use. According to some scenarios developed by American war planners, after as many weapons as possible were disabled and as much fissile material as possible was secured, U.S. troops would evacuate quickly — because the final stage of the plan involves precision missile strikes on nuclear bunkers, using special “hard and deeply buried target” munitions



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