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Seaspark 2015

Pakistan Navy’s major maritime exercise SEASPARK 2015 has commenced in North Arabian Sea. In this regard a press briefing was held today at Karachi which was chaired by Rear Admiral Kaleem Shaukat, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Operations).
Earlier, opening brief of the exercise was also conducted at Karachi which was attended by Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah, Chief of the Naval Staff and other senior officers from Pakistan Navy, PAF and Pak Army.
While briefing the media, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Operations) highlighted that the overarching objective of this exercise is to corroborate PN operational plans, assess war preparedness of Pakistan Navy and enhance interoperability with PAF and Pak Army. All operational units of Pakistan Navy including ships, submarines, aircraft, UAVs, Special Forces and Pak Marines alongwith elements of PMSA, PAF and Pak Army are participating in the exercise.
During the exercise, full spectrum of threats would be exercised ranging from conventional to asymmetric, cyber and information warfare domains. Besides enhancement of operational preparedness, the exercise will also focus on seaward defence of the coast and response against emerging non-traditional threats emanating from sea. Being located at the confluence of worlds’ major sea routes, strategic location of Pakistan can be exploited to our advantage through the development of maritime sector and a strong Navy for its effective defence.
PN operational and developmental plans are therefore focused to maintain a potent and well balanced naval force to deter aggression at sea. PN, being an essential appendage to state’s foreign policy, also strives to foster stronger Navy to Navy relations through regular exercises and ships visits with regional as well as extra regional navies.
Additionally, besides traditional naval operations, Pakistan Navy actively contributes in numerous ways in nation building tasks. Most important contribution has been in the field of education, health and job opportunities for betterment of coastal community. During the international and national disasters/ contingencies, Pakistan Navy carries out extensive search, rescue and relief operations and plays an important role in the rehabilitation.
Pakistan Navy is combat ready and fully committed to protect national maritime interests at all costs during peace and war. The exercise SEASPARK 2015 would therefore provide impetus to Pakistan’s resolve of maintaining peace, security and stability in the region.



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