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Pakistan Is Heading Towards Civil Dictatorship

Pakistan is facing many challenges and with the promise of a better future, these challenges are growing more severe. It seems as if there is a plan at work to determinedly sabotage the country. Political instability has always been a concern for Pakistan but now the very system of democracy which was propagated by the country’s political parties is once again at risk in favor of a unique form of dictatorship. This, apparently the main aim of the ruling classes for they are under the illusion that they can sustain it and ensure their strength. In order to achieve this, an invisible hand is pulling the strings to pitch institutions against each other. This plan involves spreading anarchy across the country as the growing importance of Pakistan in terms of CPEC has upset some leading powers of the world. In their most gullible mindset, the some politicians have taken the bait and are audaciously operating to secure themselves. Leading scandals raised for the purpose of destabilizing Pakistan include the leaking of Panama papers, which was meant to target a few competing countries while the rest of the names were part of a cover-up. Another critical scandal which was raised was of Dawn leaks where certain self made sensitive information was got published to fulfill the requirement of the enemy to tarnish the image of Pakistan and its defense institutions. These scandals combined ignited a flame which threatens to engulf the entire nation. Firstly, the decision of the Panama gate scandal is of significant importance, for it did not clear Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of all charges. Instead, two judges out of a total of five have stated that the Prime Minister is guilty while the all judges believe that further investigation is required to probe the matter as to ensure that these grounds are enough to remove the premier and try him for the criminal charges. This decision leaves no moral grounds for Mr. Nawaz Sharif to stay in place as the Prime Minister instead it will be well advised that he resign himself till the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has disclosed its findings. The ruling party, however, in their simple mindset, has misunderstood this decision in its favor and is celebrating while opposing the demand for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign in open audacity. In doing so, the ruling elites are violating the spirit of democracy and putting the sanctity of institutions at risk in an attempt to absolute dictatorial like control. Furthermore, the decision in regard to the news item published in Dawn newspaper is fueling the controversy surrounding the premier of Pakistan. It relays the non-serious attitude of the government in regard to such a sensitive matter. Dawn leak was an offense to Pakistan Army and to the image of Pakistan and it has not been looked seriously. The decision taken by Prime Minister is widely unpopular and it was immediately disowned by the ISPR, which is the media wing of Pakistan Army, making the matter even more serious. This, however, seems to be of no concern to the government, further reiterating that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif considers himself to be above law and seeks to establish a dictatorial like role for himself. The government has no idea about the repercussions of these actions or perhaps the government has made up its mind that they will pursue this agenda regardless of devastating results they may yield, as long as they remain in power. In continuation the strong ties between the ruling elites and India, as demonstrated by the visit of Mr. Sajjan Jindal to meet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Muree is sending a very negative message. This visit is viewed as highly controversial and points towards dangerous ulterior motives of theenemy country. Mr. Prime Minister himself is breaking the law to take him to Muree for which the visiting Indian friend of the Sharif family has no visa.  Mr. Prime Minister needs to seriously re-evaluate his decision for the sake of Pakistan and should understand this ticking time bomb will not benefit anyone, but the enemies of Pakistan. We need democracy and not civil or military dictatorship. The government, however, continues to undermine Pakistan army and the institution’s sacrifices in restoring peace in the country. The government is relaying the message that it does not have any regard for the will of the people of Pakistan, its law or the sanctity of the country’s institutions and the ruling elites seem to be awfully content as if they are following a script the result of which is already known to everyone.



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