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Nukes in the Hands of Extremists Endangers World Peace

Nuclear weapons have a profound destructive capability one which the world witnessed in World War II when USA used an atom bomb on Heroshima. This bomb wiped out the entire population of Heroshima and its radiation haunted the people for years to come. It is perhaps this reason that nuclear weapons are so well guarded and closely watched to the point that countries are now discouraged to acquire nuclear technology to produce weapons of mass destruction. In today’s world where terrorism is at a rise, the worst nightmare of any responsible nation is the thought of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of extremists or terrorists. It is for this reason that Pakistan was grilled relinquishing control of its nuclear arsenal as the world powers feared that in this terrorism affected country; extremists might get their hands on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. This, however, was never possible as Pakistan has proved to the world by firstly breaking the backbone of all terrorist organizations operating in the country and secondly by proving that its nuclear program is very safe in fact the fear was ill placed as Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal was never in danger from extremists such was its security. This, however, is not true for every nuclear power in the world because there are still rogue nations supporting nuclear weapons capability. To among them is India which is currently being run by the extremist regime of RSS (Rashtriya SwayamsevakSangh) and Shiv Sena. These organizations are openly spreading extremist thoughts and practicing extremist policies in India bringing the worst case scenario to life. American bred India is in reality the living example of a nuclear state where extremists are in charge. This is evident from the beliefs of their leaders such as Mr.SubramanianSwamy, a BJP leader, who is in favor of breaking Pakistan into pieces and eradicating its existence from the face of Earth. This shows the short temperedness, aggressive jingoism and war-like attitude of Indian leadership. In addition to the extremist views of its leadership India is famous for the unsatisfactory security of its nuclear facilities along with the low morale of its scientists; these two factors combined translate into a recipe for disaster. Facilities which do not fulfill the safety requirements coupled with troops with a low morale are not only vulnerable to accidents but may also result in pilferage. These factors combined point highlight a high probability that Indian nuclear facilities may fall into the hands of extremists Hindus who aim eradicate all minorities from India by 2018. This situation is only deep concern to Pakistan particularly when India has moved to nuclearize the Indian Ocean by testing a submarine capable of firing nuclear ballistic missiles. This measure has upset the delicate balance in the region and it is high time that the world starts taking Pakistan’s concern seriously, as a rogue nuclear state is threat to world peace. Bearing this in mind, America should reconsider its policy to open the doors of its nuclear industry to India. USA should stop its biasness and start reconsidering its measures of overlooking Nuclear non-proliferation Treaty  (NPT) and changing its policies to facilitate India, at a time when India should be facing non-proliferation measures. Instead of bringing this region of delicate balance, where two agitated nuclear neighbors exist, to a nuclear flashpoint; USA and the world should realize that India was unable to safeguard the explosive related products which found their way into the hands of ISIS militant groups located in Syria and Iraq as highlighted by Conflict Armament Research, a UK based Think Tank. This proves that India is in no way fit to safeguard its nuclear arsenal.



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