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My Views on Review

By Shafique Ahmed Shafique

Book Name : Dopahria Dhoop Kay Sang
Author : Anita Desai
Traslator : Qaiser Saleem
It is generally considered that translation works make second grade effort. To some extent, it may be so, but the fact remains that the significance of translation can hardly be denied. It is not possible for a man to know all languages of the world to be acquainted with the civilisation, tradition, culture, way of thinking, progress of education, science and literature of different parts of the globe. But it is possible for a person to be well acquainted with the values related to the nations and communities through translated works. ‘Dopahria Dhoop Kay Sang’ is a translation work of Qaiser Saleem. He is a busy writer and constantly creating short stories, novels, poetry, satiric essays as well as doing translation. He has also written three travelogues. Two translation books of the author “Amriki Betian Islam Ki Rah Par” and “Muntakhab Amriki Afsanain” have gained much popularity. The appreciation has encouraged him to continue with translations. That is the reason he has again come up with his new translation work.
The novel under review is written originally by Anita Desai in English, which has been translated into Urdu by Qaiser Saleem. Anita Desai’s mother was a German lady and father a Bengali. Now residing in Delhi, she has written this novel in the Indian perspective of Indian culture and civilisation. Anita has quoted occasionally verses of T.S. Eliot and other English poets to make the narration of the novel more comprehensive, compact and impressive. The English verses have been translated by Khawaja Manzer Hasan Manzer, a friend of Qaiser Saleem. It will also be noted that her novel has been selected for Booker Prize. Qaiser Saleem is a human-loving person. So wherever he sees any human problem such as exploitation, injustice, inhuman attitude, social and economic suppression, irresponsibility and lawlessness, he tries to mirror and pinpoint all these shortcomings and loopholes. The novel under review is based on parents’ irresponsibility carelessness towards their offsprings and the complications, torments and tragedy, created in the family by their attitudes. It is also mirrors the sacrifices of a girl Bumla, the main character of the novel. ‘Dopahria Dhoop Kay Sung’ is a story of a family of six persons – father, mother, two sisters and two brothers – which is residing in Civil Lines, Delhi wherein father and mother were busy in playing cards and drinking wine without responding to family affairs and looking after their children. The elder daughter of the family, Bumla, was a sensitive and responsible girl. She took up the responsibilities of her parents and looked after the family affairs, the grievances and troubles of brothers and sister. She tried her best to co-operate with her youngsters. She was a highly educated girl but remained busy like a housewife. She smashed her golden dreams, aims and aspirations of her life. She spent selflessly every moment of her precious life for making the carrier of her sister Tara and two brothers. One brother ungratefully left his family and the other was mentally retarded. Bumla passed her life restlessly to serve her family members.The dialogues, definition and expression of sentiment, details of environment and particulars as well as description of scene and scenery are impressive and compact. The translator has tried his best to keep the novel close to the original spirit, theme, style, atmosphere and sentiments of characters.

Legendary singer A Nayyar passes away

LAHORE: 12 Nov: (Dunya News) One of the most melodious voices to have graced Pakistan film industry Arthur Nayyar (66) breathed his last today in Lahore after suffering for a long period from heart disease. Arthur Nayyar, popularly known as A Nayyar, was known worldwide for his exceptional voice and sang some unforgettable songs for Pakistani films. He was born on September 7, 1950. He began his playback singing career in 1974 from his song in ‘Bahisht’ movie. He is one of the few singers whose debut song in film industry became a mega hit. In 1980s, A Nayyar was considered Pakistan’s busiest singer. He also ran a music academy for several years in Lahore. ‘Ek Baat Kahun Dildara’, ‘Jungle mein Mangal’, ‘Beena Tera Naam’ and ‘Mai Tou Chala Aisa Jeevan Bhar’ were some of his most famous songs. A Nayyar also sang many songs for Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan.

Pakistan Hosts 49th CISM World Military Sailing Championship 2016 Russia clinches the winner’s trophy  27 Oct – 2 Nov, 2016

Opening ceremony of 49th CISM World Military Sailing Championship 2016 was held today at Marina club, Karachi. Commander Pakistan Fleet, Vice Admiral Syed Arifullah Hussaini graced the occasion as Chief Guest.
Teams from 09 nations including Bahrain, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar and Russia with Palestine as an observer are participating in this prestigious sailing championship.
Conduct of 49th CISM World Military Sailing Championship 2016 proved a long awaited international event at Karachi in particular and in Pakistan in general. Players and officials of 10 foreign countries across the world not only sailed in Pakistani waters but also enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the port city of Karachi. They returned back to their homes with unforgettable memories. The impression they carried from Pakistan will go a long way in promoting the positive image of the country across the globe.
While speaking on the occasion, Vice Admiral Syed Arifullah Hussaini said that holding of this event in Pakistan is a great honour for the country and praised the concerted efforts of the Organizing Committee. He also acknowledged and thanked the presence of President CISM for gracing the event. He highlighted the importance of the event in integrating relationships among the world militaries. The Chief Guest further added that the event will not only promote “Friendship through Sport”, but will also bring world militaries together to further enhance cordial relationship. He paid special tribute to Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee for patronaging this important event.
First Round Robin of 49th CISM World sailing was encompassing the first two days of the championship comprising total 36 matches. Top four teams qualified for further competitions out of 9 teams, team Norway led the group with Russia, Ukraine and Pakistan at 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively on tie breaker.
During the competitions of first day 21 matches were conducted. On second day 15 matches were conducted completing total 36 matches of qualification round known as Round Robin.
On third Day of Championship first final between Pakistan and Norway was played in which Pakistan defeated Norway by 3-0 and qualified for the final. In the second Semifinal Russia defeated Ukraine by 3-1. Final of the Championship was played between Pakistan and Russia. Russian sailing team with remarkable performance throughout the Championship clinched the first position winning Gold Medal while the team from Pakistan secured second position. Both the nations were tied 1-1 after two races of the final, however, the Russians sailed to victory in the remaining two races to land the gold. The victorious team comprised Cdr Maxim Semerkhanov, Lt Denis Grivanov, Warrant Officer
49th International Military Sports Council (CISM) Sailing Championship 2016 concluded on 1 Nov 16 with an impressive closing ceremony held at DA Marina Club Karachi. Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah, who is himself a veteran sailor and two-time former Asian Games gold medallist in Enterprise class was the Chief Guest on the occasion and awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the winning teams. Admiral Zakaullah has won two Gold Medals during the Asian Games in 1986 and 1990 a nd various other awards at International Sailing Championships. In recognition of these extraordinary achievements, the Naval Chief was also awarded President’s Award for Pride of Performance in 1987.
While speaking on the occasion, The Naval Chief said that sailing is a highly skillful and professional sport which is quite popular in the Armed Forces. He commended spirit of fair play, friendship and camaraderie displayed by the participating sailing teams during the Championship. While congratulating the winners and all the participating countries for displaying exemplary skills and making the event a success. He hoped that the young Pakistani sailors would follow the legacy of their elders of the yesteryears. The Naval chief also paid special gratitude to president CISM for his concerted efforts for promotion of sailing.
A large number of civil and military dignitaries also attended the ceremony.



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