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Ishaq Dar’s financial terrorism

By Dr. Shahid Qureshi

Ishaq Dar a ‘self-confessed money launderer’ is an agent of evil forces in Pakistan according to BBC documentary. His actions have damaged Pakistan more than any terrorism and even wars. He provided fudged information to the IMF for which Pakistan was fined and also lost credibility. General Musharraf and his regime got rid of IMF but Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar bring them in with the sinister agenda to sell national assets like steel mills and PIA.
His businesses with Indians are a matter of grave concern. Ishaq Dar’s father used to rent bicycles for living, Nawaz Sharif family use to buy scrap metals from gypsies mostly stolen from Pakistan Railways, Asif Zardari’s father ran ‘Bambino’ cinema showing dirty movies in Karachi. Now they want us to believe that they were some royals and ‘filthy rich’ for centuries, filthy yes but rich no.
He and Nawaz Sharif believe that trade with India will solve all the problems but they don’t tell Pakistanis that trade is in India’s favour. This TAPI pipe line is a nonstarter as peace in Afghanistan is still a remote dream. I told on Al-Jazeera that Nawaz Sahirf and his sons have businesses with Indians and Indians are profiting from trade with Pakistan while Pakistan is losing out.
According to Government of Pakistan report Rs. 1 Trillion was spent on development in Sind province which is run by Zardari mafia since 2008. Most of this development fund is stolen and hidden as well as smuggled abroad. Ishaq Dar has given amnesty to this loot. Instead of putting them in jail he has given them a way out to these white collar criminals. Someone said: “if we disband police 50% crimes will disappear and if we jail corrupt politicians 100% crimes will end”.
The above information is not from history books I am talking about 1970s. In 1980s they jumped on to the band wagon of ‘democracy’ and started looting Pakistan. They destroyed each and every institution systematically one by one staring from land revue, police, tax collection and rest followed the domino effect.
Today Nawaz Sharif announced Tax amnesty to the loot money with 1% in a gathering with the traders. At the same time, he announced a Rangers operation in Punjab.
That is a trap for the army and security forces. The people who are behind all the drugs, land and all mafias were sitting with him in a five star and he is sending young men of the security forces into the villages, deserts and mountains of Punjab to fight with the foot soldiers. That is the police’s job is it not? So why is he sending Rangers? Because his handlers in India told him to further stretch the armed forces of Pakistan. Rangers are already engaged in the Karachi when they are supposed to be at the borders.
By giving tax amnesty to the criminals and terrorist financiers Ishaq Dar and Nawaz Sharif damaging the State of Pakistan. They are going to take this ‘Tax Amnesty Scheme’ to the Parliament and it will become ‘sacred’ as majority of patrons of terrorists and criminals are sitting in Parliament?
Democracy has become a joke in Pakistan few days ago Sindh Assembly passed a resolution about ‘amnesty’ for the criminal politicians in a literal sense. Zardari & co are damaging the ‘operations against terrorist’ financiers in Sind. He wants law enforcement agencies to inform him and show evidence before arresting politicians and/or members of his party. That resolution was passed in minutes.

financial terrorism
Earlier on after meeting with Modi in Paris Nawaz Sharif handed over Karachi to the terrorist MQM-A with only 12% rigged votes. The total turn out in the local bodies elections was between 22%  25% out of which MQM-A had 12%. According to the PPP senator and former Home Minister: “Sindh’s 60 percent population constitutes Sindhis, 20 percent Mohajirs and 20 percent others”.
According to a prominent politician Faisal Vada: “Urdu speaking population in Karachi could be estimated between 25%-30%. Obviously not all of them are MQM-A supporters”. Demographically non Urdu speaking groups are more in numbers in Karachi.  National census is due in March 2016 in Pakistan.
That is not democracy that is a day light robbery. So the economic hub Karachi is handed over to the terrorist group which damaged and attacked armed forces of Pakistan following the Indian agenda ‘keep Karachi bleeding’ which its members admitted and confessed in investigation.
shaq Dar is main informant of the MQM-A and damaging the Karachi operation and please do ask him why he tipped of Babar Ghauri to run as he is a main suspect in disappearing of 22000 NATO containers. He was minister for Port and shipping for years now running business in London. More recently Prime Minister David Cameron talked about ‘corruption’ at the Malta Commonwealth Summit.
But when we look at the record of catching the corruption and money laundering cases in Britain performance is very poor and some people says UK is complicit in money laundering from Pakistan especially by Pakistani politicians and therefore partner in terrorism and terrorist financing. That is perception in Pakistan and sometimes perception over take reality.



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