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Indus Water Treaty

Pakistan’s approach towards resolving Indus Water Treaty (IWT) issues through World Bank mediation is the correct approach and I support it. But I suggest that choice of arbiters should not be left to only American and European institutions. Pakistan has agreed to accept arbiters appointed by Secretary-General of the United Nations, the rector of the Imperial College of S and T, London and the Lord Chief Justice of England. The countries where these institutions are located are all sympathetic towards India and secondly it is an Asian matter so one of the arbiter selectors should be an Asian institution for instance Asian Infrastructure Development Bank (AIIB) or SCO.

Pakistan should also seek a stay on the construction of the two power generation systems, Kishangana and Ratle, built on the rivers whose waters are granted to us. World Bank and other multilateral institutions should be requested to stop funding of these projects. This can be achieved as the matter is still on the dialogue table. In the past, India has ignored the treaty clauses and continued building structures that have hurt Pakistan’s water interests.



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