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India: A Rogue State

It seems that under the recent regime of Narendra Modi, India is determinedly fulfilling the definition of a Rogue State. India in its current state is displaying to the world, what a terrorist regime with nuclear weapons is capable of doing. Minorities in India are under constant threat as extremist organizations are allowed to use brutal force and there have been numerous cases where Muslims faced harsh treatment such as beating and further killings over accusations of practicing their own religion. Nowhere in the world, has brutality been so worse than in Indian held Kashmir where a curfew has been imposed for 282 days and the innocent people of that valley are denied even the most basic of human rights.
So far 6000 innocent Kashmiri’s have been arrested and have been subjected to the worst form of torture. Apart from this, 110 Kashmiri’s have been martyred and hundreds have lost their eyesight due to the use of pellets. Indian forces are not abstaining from the use of inhumane brutal force against unarmed civilians and they are exercising the worst form of state sponsored terrorism while the world watches in silence. It is strange, that a country like Pakistan which fell victim to the worst form of terrorism in the past decades, was being labeled as a terrorist state by the western elites and their so called scholars. On the other hand, a country which is openly displaying all forms of extremist traits and is being run by extremist organizations like BJP backed by RSS, enjoys the favor of the self proclaimed peace loving world.
In addition to being a villain to the people of Indian occupied Kashmir, India is proving to be a bullying neighbor to Pakistan, a fact conveniently ignored by the champions of democracy, freedom and peace. Indian officials have clearly stated that they have every right to sponsor terrorism in Pakistan, something that they have done in the past and continue to do to this day. Furthermore, Indian officials have also stated that they will not refrain from aiding the likes of ISIS against Pakistan, even if they have to supply the militant organization with a dirty bomb. These comments should be enough to bring the world powers to their sense, as India and Pakistan are both nuclear countries with very powerful militaries and a conflict would adversely affect the entire world. Such facts and sense seems to have been ignored as the global leaders continue to ignore the rogue existence of Indian state. If the afore mentioned evidence is not enough then one must consider the constant war mongering by India.
So far India has committed over three hundred cease fire violations along the Line of Control in this year only and among the most recent violations around thirty innocent civilians from Pakistan have lost their lives. These cease fire violations have become a daily occurrence but still it doesn’t qualify as terrorism in the eyes of the champions of peace and the UN. This war mongering attitude, however, doesn’t stop here as India keeps pushing its luck and tries new but futile methods to provoke Pakistan; the most preposterous among them was the case of surgical strikes where India made a false claim to have conducted a surgical strike within Pakistan. This claim, however, was quickly laid to rest as it was realized that India lacked the capabilities to conduct such a strike. On 14th November 2016, an Indian submarine was detected in Pakistani waters and it was forced to go back. All these measures amount to baseless provocations and clearly highlight the extreme mind set prevailing in India.
This country in its unjustified extremism has fulfilled all the requirements of a rogue nation as the state is currently being governed by a strict authoritarian regime which is determinedly suppressing human rights of minorities especially Muslims, as displayed in Indian occupied Kashmir, and areas of Muslim populations within India. Secondly, Indian government has been sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan, particularly in Baluchistan and Karachi, which Indian officials have admitted themselves. The only requirement of being a rogue state left to be fulfilled is the use of the lethal weapons, but the day is not far when this happens, as Indian officials have expressed the will to do so. In such a scenario, US and its allies need to pressurize India to shun provoking Pakistan and stop LOC violation including interfering in the internal affairs of Pakistan. They should also consider whether it is wise to make civil nuclear deals with a rogue country. US particularly, should stopsupporting India and the lobby for its inclusion in the Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG), for it amounts to a deliberate move towards disturbing world peace.



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