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India on Path to Destroy Sub-Continent

In a world torn by terrorism and extremist activities, Pakistan remains one of the leading faces to counter terrorists. Despite the much emphasized role of West, their success in this regard has remained limited and has almost resulted in an increase in global terrorism. In contrast, Pakistan’s story is that of a transformation from a brutally bullied and tested victim turned victor against terrorism and oppression. How west can consider us and compare Pakistan an extremist state. Pakistan is one which suffers tragic losses and still continues to battle terrorism to restore peace. On the other hand, a state which openly expresses the desire to use terrorism, against their neighbors, and go to the extent of declaring that it will not refrain from handing over TERRORIST ORGANISATION (ISIS) nuclear capable weapons to destroy Pakistanis key strategic project China Pakistan Economic Corridor. India, under the rule of BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has openly accepted that it is justified in cross border terrorism against Pakistan and has started an arms race putting the region peace at stake. In the wake of such confession, West chooses to support India, and has made it a member of MTCR. This begs the question as to what are the real motives of the so called peace making Western allies, especially when the champion of the liberators, United States, is lobbying to grant a country like India access Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). The critical nature of such decisions and lobbying can be better understood by a fresh claim of Indian nuclear expert who says that India will resort to Pre-emptive nuclear strike against Pakistan, which clearly illustrates that Indian nuclear doctrine of NO FIRST USE was nothing but a sham. In addition to this a look at India’s defense budget of $51.1 Billion, which matches that of Russia and exceeds that of France, makes one wonder as to the real intentions of India when it comes to regional countries. Such facts, however, were not taken into consideration when India was granted MTCR membership and it resulted in India increasing the range of BrahMos missiles. This leaves little or the imagination as to what India might do when it becomes a member of NSG, probably testing thermonuclear weapons will be job one. In contrast the fact Pakistan has acted responsibly and has displayed maximum restraint in the face of such threats. This claim can be backed by the fact that India conducted a total of 16 tests of various missiles in comparison Pakistan merely tested two in order to balance the equation and maintain a viable deterrent so as to maintain peace and stability in the region. Further, Indian has been constantly provoking by testing ICBMs and the display of ability of ready to Launch MIRVs.

It is also  nuclearrising the Indian Ocean by launching of its nuclear capable submarine and missiles. Furthermore, India is openly saying that it is involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan.  On the other side, Pakistan felt the need to restore the credibility of its nuclear deterrence for the peace of the region, resulted in the test of Babur 3 which is submarine based cruise missile and Ababeel missile which is MIRV capability. These developments in Pakistan’s arsenal are centered around restricting Indian desires and to maintain stability and Pakistan’s cruise missiles are capable of penetrating all Indian BMDs which maintains the strategic balance in the region. Pakistan’s entire nuclear arsenal is consciously guarded and is controlled by a centralized command and control system which is one of the best in the world. It is headed by the civilian Prime Minister and the details of its operations remain highly classified. These actions are of a nation battling extremism and willing to maintain peace instead India displays war driven intentions. Despite of Indian aggression in terms of force deployments, Pakistan has continued to display constraint as is required of a responsible nuclear nation. The West, however, needs to understand that these measures that they are taking to strengthen India will not have any positive effects in this region but that perhaps is of grave concern to the global powers as it seems this is exactly what India is upto. In this situation, one can say that India is playing with fire and is on the path of a war like scenario to destroy the sub-continent, there own people, culture and Modi like Extremist people’s made religion Hindutwa.

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