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EXERCISE AMAN 2017 “Together For Peace”

Pak Navy to hold Multi National Exercise AMAN-2017 from Feb 10-14

KARACHI: Pakistan Navy with the motive to devise procedures and techniques against conventional and non-conventional threats will hold fifth of its series of multi-national naval exercise AMAN 2017 from February 10 to 14. Vice Admiral Arifullah Hussaini, Commander of Pakistan Fleet in a media briefing said the country exposed to series of maritime related security challenges was fast strengthening cooperation and mutual trust at regional and international levels.

“AMAN 2017 an important component of these efforts,” he said was being participated by 36 countries including China, USA, Russia, Turkey, Japan, Great Britain, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Maldives, Nigeria and others.“Presence of these friendly countries from all over the world was a manifestation of the firm resolve of international community towards peace and stability in the Indian Ocean,” said the Commander of Pakistan Fleet.

Reiterating that through AMAN 17, Pakistan Navy will further strengthen its regional and extra regional countries, Vice Admiral Hussaini said 15 Ships alongwith two P3C Orion aircraft, five helicopters, 11 Special Operation Forces/EOD teams are also important modules of the exercise.  Anti-terror skills demonstrated during Aman-2017 exercise

Exercise Aman- 11 Feb, 2017 at Manora-Karachi

The Special Operations Forces of Pakistan Navy and the participating countries presented an excellent display of strength and skill to overcome the enemy, which included tracking of terrorists’ cells and leaders, disrupting insurgent campaigns and building relationships with international partners to ensure peace and stability. The demonstrations using versatile platforms included fast manoeuvres by hovercraft, visit, board, search and seizure boats and water scooters, insertion of air assault teams through helicopters, para-jumps by special services groups of navies/commandos, frogman attacks and coordinated beach assault and reinforcement followed by extraction. The event showed a high level of coordination and professionalism of the Special Forces.

Aiming to connect the countries through cultural heritage as well, the bands of Sri Lankan Navy, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy played a mix of traditional and military tunes. The enchanting melodies mesmerised the audience. A large number of personnel of the participating navies, observers, foreign diplomats and senior officials of armed forces of Pakistan witnessed the counter-terrorism demonstration and the bands’ performance. Sri Lankan Chief of Naval Staff Vice Admiral R.C. Wijegunaratne was chief guest. Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Mohammad Zakaullah was also present.


February 12, 2017

Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah visited various ships of foreign navies participating in the Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN-17.

The Naval Chief visited participating ships of Australia, China, Indonesia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Turkey and U.K where he held formal interaction with senior officers/Task Group Commanders/commanding officers. During the discussions with officers onboard, the Naval Chief highlighted that Pakistan Navy has always been a forerunner in the quest for collaborative security in this region of immense strategic importance and AMAN series of exercises are anchored on this concept. The Admiral further expressed that the camaraderie generated herein will grow in future and shall bring us closer to the mutual goal of regional peace and prosperity. He also appreciated and thanked for their participation in AMAN Exercise to fulfil common resolve of “Together for Peace”.The senior officers/Task Group Commanders/commanding officers of the respective ships, highly acknowledged the strenuous efforts of Pakistan Navy by bringing together global navies towards a shared commitment of maritime peace, stability and lawful order at sea. The Admiral had an informal interaction with the crew of visiting ships and appreciated their professionalism and morale. The Naval Chief also recorded his remarks in guest books of visiting ships.


February 13, 2017

“China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is rightfully considered as a game changer not only for Pakistan but for the economic development and prosperity of the entire region”,said Defence Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Khawaja Muhammad Asif at the closing ceremony of 7th International Maritime Conference organized by National Centre for Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR). He said that with the operationalization of CPEC and Gwadar Port, maritime activities would increase exponentially in North Arabian Sea and beyond. Consequently, the responsibilities of Pakistan Navy would also increase for maintaining a secure maritime environment for smooth flow of sea trade. He acknowledged the maritime security initiatives taken by Pakistan Navy for ensuring peace and order at sea individually and in collaboration with the partner navies. He also appreciated convening of the conference which is a step in the same direction and is indeed praiseworthy.

Earlier, Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah in his closing remarks said that the initiatives of developing economic corridors and linking to maritime routes have provided impetus for economic integration of the regional countries and beyond. He further said that CPEC is one such development in the region and with the operationalization of CPEC and Gwadar port the scope and potential of blue economy will increase further. The admiral also said that Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean Region has gained particular significance in the recent past due to increased dependence of the world on sea borne trade and quest for energy resources. Any disruption in the free flow of trade would not only impact the regional states but also have implications for the overall global economy. At the end, the Defence Minister also congratulated and distributed prizes among the students of Bahria University and NCMPR,who won the article and poster competitions held on the sidelines of the Conference. A large number of foreign delegates, PN officials, civil and military dignitaries attended the Conference.


KARACHI: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz sharif on Tuesday 14th Feb, 2017 arrived to attend the event of naval exercises by 36 countries. Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was the chief guest on the occasion. He witnessed the exercises. Speaking on this occasion Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif said successful conduct of Exercise AMAN-17 is a manifestation of Pakistan’s policy of constructive engagement with comity of nations for peace and stability in the maritime commons.

The Prime Minister said with this state of operational readiness, Pakistan Navy is fully prepared and committed to ensure seaward defence and safeguard maritime interests of Pakistan. Earlier, on his arrival onboard Pakistan Navy Ship NASR, the Prime Minister was received by Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah. Prime Minister cancelled other engagements scheduled in the city and proceeded to Lahore after inspecting the peace exercise. He said cooperation between international navies was therefore imperative to counter these emerging threats. “I am confident that AMAN-17 will be a big stride towards this direction.” The prime minister said Pakistan’s geostrategic prominence capitalised with the launching of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, will become a `Game Changer’ for the region. He said the mega project offers multitude of regional and trans-regional economic prospects especially in the maritime sphere. The growing reliance on maritime highways with their enormous economic benefits have accentuated the need for keeping a safe and secure environment at sea.

AMAN-17 formally commenced at Pakistan Navy Dockyard, under the aegis of Pakistan Navy with a colorful flag hoisting ceremony with a navy band playing national songs. Ships of the participating navies, observers, foreign diplomats and a large number of Pakistan Navy officers and men attended the event. The premier said he looks forward to a successful and rewarding exercise and thanked all participating countries for taking part in this endeavour of readiness for promotion of peace. “I am glad that through AMAN series of exercises, Pakistan Navy has been able to act as a bridge in the maritime domain by bringing together the navies of East and West on one platform.”

“I also appreciate the enthusiastic and vigorous efforts of Pakistan Navy for successfully organising AMAN series of exercises since 2007,” he added. Address of Pakistan Fleet commander Speaking on the occasion, Pakistan Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Arifullah Hussaini said that “we are here for a common purpose, for a common goal to ensure security, to make this world safe for us and for rest of the humanity… that is what our constitution mandates us to do”. He said Pakistan Navy has always been a consistent security contributor in Indian Ocean region. Being a lead nation, Pakistan’s maritime forces are actively participating with other navies in combating Narco trade, human smuggling, gun running, terrorism and piracy at high sea.

“We need to make collective efforts to eliminate these threats for lasting peace in the region,” he added. The importance of this collaboration will enhance with the complete operationalisation of CPEC and Gwadar Port  which are meant to bring prosperity not only to Pakistan but the region and beyond. Fleet commander extended warm welcome to the participating navies and hoped that their presence and togetherness will forge a cooperation which will prevent conflicts “and should there be one, we will quickly resolve it to establish and maintain lasting peace”. He also valued participating nations for supporting Pakistan’s resolve for ensuring peace in the region.

AMAN series of multinational naval exercises is being conducted biennially by Pakistan Navy since 2007. The current exercise is 5th in the series. The exercise, bringing in various navies under one umbrella, has a growing number of participants. This year 36 nations are participating with their ships, aircraft, Special Operating Forces, observers and speakers. One of the key features, other than sea exercise, is international maritime conference spread over three days, being organised by National Maritime Policy Research Centre.




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