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Crimean confusion

America has been trying to push Russia in the corner even after its withdrawal from 15 central Asian states. Ukraine, which has been dependent on Russia was put on fire by American interference. In the back drop this Crimea crisis seems to be covert terrorism and hypocrisy.

If one stops and considers there are a number of similarities in the situation of Crimea and other disputes around the world, which have arisen in a short span of time. Firstly, western interest is at stake as this area is of great importance to Russia. As a result, Russian interest was automatically considered a threat to USA and its western allies. Crimea plays host to a strategic Russian naval base which holds the Black sea fleet of Russia and this has been so since 1783. The fleet’s strategic location proved vital in the 2008 South Ossetia war where Russia defeated Georgia. As a consequence, this base serves the security interests of Russia well which is why it is crucial to Russians. In addition to this around 60% of the population of Crimea is of Russian descent.

Considering the fact that Crimea was formerly ruled by Moscow, this doesn’t seem like a very surprising fact. It became part of independent Ukraine only when the U.S.S.R fell. Furthermore, many of the Gas pipelines which supply Europe with 30% of its natural gas requirements pass through Crimea and Ukraine, carrying Russian gas. This means that a conflict in this region or losing control of this area would prove to detrimental to Russian interest, an attractive idea for the western allies.  Second similarity, rise of sectarian militant organizations, is more of a consequence of the first reason. In the not so distant past we have seen that USA and its allies have waged wars, or conducted covert operations through militant organizations in order to defend and enhance their interest. This started, in modern times, with staged 9/11 attack and the rise of Al-Qaeda.

The militant organization served the purpose of the western allies beautifully and provided them with a route into Asia along with access to crucial natural resources. Much in the case of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and the ongoing Syrian crises; problem started with the rise of extremist elements or rebels seeking justice, the title depending on whether they opened had western support or covertly. Similarly, rise of elements banned outfitd whose origins can be traced to UK in one way or the other while their leadership is in Ukraine, are doing a fine job in disrupting the Russian presence in Crimea.  This banned outfit has become the self-proclaimed voice of Muslims in Crimea and is openly operating against the Spiritual Foundation of Muslims of Crimea (DUMK) which is the official representative body of Tatar Muslims.

This point towards another crucial similarity, the suppression of Muslims and the defamation of Islam by so-called extremist organizations who claim to be operating in the interest of Muslims along the teachings of Quran ( word of ALLAH) and Sunnah (teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)). In reality they prove to hired mercenaries who are being backed by CIA and MI6 to destabilize region, a country which pose a threat to their interest. Such extremist’s organizations have been created and spread across the word such as  Alqaeda, ISIS, Hizbut- Tahrir and Boko Haram etc. Lastly the recurring element in all of these global situations is the presence of USA and its western allies. Somehow, their intervention in any matter has led to war and bloodshed.

This violence occurs in the areas which are viewed as obstacles by the western allies and despite the fact that these organizations name USA as their number one enemy, their existence and operations somehow serve the purpose of the Western allies. It is a clear case for anyone who views it closely. USA backed by its allies is trying to upset the balance of this world and staying true to their cowboy mentality they are spreading de-stability and terrorism in order to serve their interest.



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