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Astrological Predictions On Asia Cup Final 2016

By Kawnwer Khalid
                                                                                  KK’s Astrology
Astrological Predictions
1)  Viewers as we know Asia Cup t20 Final match is getting near, both the contestant teams have come into light. India is going to face a fast growing team of Bangladesh who have achieved several successes against strong teams of the world in the past.
The planetary positions and combinations of stars are going to influence the results of the upcoming match on Sunday, 6th March. Luck will be in the favor of Bangladesh and as we know cricket is a game of chance and success in it often depends on certain favors and some mistakes. Mercury has charged it’s house which will go in favor of Bangladesh, Moon’s position is also against India.
2)  On Sunday, numbers 1,2,8 and 9 are strong.
3)  The people who bond under Aries, Cancer, Leo and Capricorn will feel ease in their important matters, transactions, deals etc. They will remain protected against extra expenses


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