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America is Being Challenged

It seems that the United States of America has stretched itself far and wide in a so called attempt to bring about democracy and to allow the poor and helpless people of the world, freedom from their tyrannical non democratic leaderships. America cannot tolerate the idea of suppression and captivity, or so it claims. They believe that the entire world deserves democracy and freedom, which is why America has embarked on a noble mission to liberate every country which is non-democratic in its eyes. In fact, America has been using all good principles stated here to keep its hegemony over the world. It is self-styled sole Super Power of the world. Dozens of boos have been written on the hegemonic designs of United States of America. Blood, blood and more blood; War, war and constant war is the American stated policy. The Vision 2015 of US Pentagon is to remain and keep its people busy in a never ending war. If a country is rich in natural resources, it is America’s enemy. Why a country has a strategic location, America is worried about it. It will interfere in that country as a right and in most cases, it will destabilize the country. It will control and snatch the natural and energy resources of any country which is weak and if strong like Russia or China, it will conspire and try to destabilize it with all tools available to it. Many claim that it takes the help NATO the police force of USA to frighten, occupy and attack. Some people go as far as to state that all satanic activities are done in the name of human rights, democracy and rights of the people.  The most recent victims of this noble crusade are the countries of Yemen, Libya and most importantly Syria. These poor people required an escape form their captive regimes which is why the global champion, USA, stepped up to provide them just that. Of course, things didn’t turn up the way they were supposed to and the result was the emergence of a failed state torn apart by civil war in the case Libya, the death of Five thousand Yemenis with over 25,000 wounded since March, and the rise of the most brutal terrorist organization of all time in Syria. If considered closely it seems that the world would have been a much better place without the American rants of ‘Freedom and Democracy’. The oil of Libya and Iraq has been stolen by European countries and America. Two countries Russia and China, being fed up of being cornered, have stood up to challenge the hegemony of United States of America.

Some experts term these US policies to be an ambitious and inhumane American expansion in which the interests of many sovereign countries of the world have been challenged and as highlighted above there are some who may not hesitate to confront America to protect their interests. As highlighted by Mr. Patrick J Buchanan, in his post on October 2nd 2015, that Mr. Putin’s UN address was a clear warning to the US that Russia will not shy away from conflict if its interests are challenged. In the address Putin clearly blamed the US for instigating revolutions in the name of democracy which brought about nothing but chaos and disorder. In his address Mr. Putin warned that the US is trying to impose a single developmental model for everyone, something which the Soviet Union previously attempted and failed. “We are all different, and we should respect that. No one has to conform to a single development model that someone has once and for all recognized as the right one.” This is what state sovereignty should look like according to the Russian President.

America is Being Challenged

Mr. Putin distinctly highlighted the results of American intervention and it seemed that he was trying to convey to the US that ‘Enough is enough.’ The waning tolerance of Russia is clear from the strikes Putin’s forces conducted on the camps of U.S.-backed rebels which seek to overthrow Assad.  Russia has the only naval base in Syria for Pacific Ocean.  Russia is bent up on to keep it. It has sent air Force in Syria. To which, top Commander of NATO General Philips Breedlove said that Russia has sent missiles to hit the target from ground to Air and air to air. He further said Russia has been pursuing the policy of Anti access and Area denial ( A2/AD). He further elaborated the intensions of Russia that it has annexed Crimea and is trying to control Black Sea and Baltic states and through Kallingrad, the only ice free sea port in the Europe on the border of Poland and Lithuania to restrict allied forces to help Poland in case of emergency. Russia, it seems, has come forward to defend itself as Americans have decided to occupy Russia as said by Henry Kissinger in his latest interview.   It is clear now that Russia does not intend to back down from a conflict this time, which is why America needs to reconsider its policies otherwise it might fall victim to a self-imposed war. This is also advised by former secretary of State Henry Kissinger in his said interview.



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