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My views on reviews

By Shafique Ahmed Shafique

Book’s Name : Jheel  Kenaray

Author’s name  : Shadaab Siddiqi

Publishers : Bazm-e-Shadaab, A-72, Block ‘H’,North Nazimabad,: : Karachi-74700

Pages : 274

Price : Rs. 400

Shadaab Siddiqi has come out with his third anthology under the title of “Jheel Kenaray “which consists of ghazals and poetry. His previous two books “Aatish-e-Pinhan” and “Gham Mery Jageer” are also poetic collections contain only ghazals. The author’s family name is Feroz Qadir Siddiqi but he took nom de plume of Shadaab Siddiqi born in February 28, 1952. His father’s name was Shaikh Abdul Qadir Siddiqi.He started his literary career by composing poems in 1967 when he was studying in Sindh Madrasatul Islam, Karachi. He passed M.A. in Urdu from Karachi University.

He is a banker by profession and was serving in National Bank of Pakistan (NBP). Shadaab retired from the service as a bank Officer grade-1 in Financial Control Division, Trustee Wing NBP Head Office. The anthology “Jheel Kenaray” is divided in to two parts first part has 144 ghazals and the second part contains 57 poetry. Both parts of the book begin with Hamd. Keeping in view his previous two anthologies “Aatish-e-Pinhan” and “Gham Meri Jaageer” which consist of only ghazals and 144 ghazal in this book, it confidently be opined that his bend of mind is towards creating ghazals in comparison with poetry writing.

But it does not mean that he is master in ghazal writing only. No, Shadaab can write poems and majority of his poems are remarkable which are highlighting his social, cultural, political and religious experiences along with his inner torments and feelings with emotional and aesthetic influences. No doubt, his poems are artistic and magnificent like his Hamds, Na’ats and ghazals. If it is correct that “the study of literature leads to a growth of intelligence and sensibility,” the poetic efforts of Shadaab Siddiqi have vividly shown that very qualities.

There are no two opinions in this regard that to create spontaneous, sensitiveness and subtlety in literary pieces is not an easy job. The author of the book under discussion has to some extent succeeded to make easy this difficult job. There are five write-ups including preface of the book which has been written by the author and the rest essays are written each by Ameen Jalindhari, Akram Kunjahi, Abul Bayaan Zuhur Ahmed Fateh, Shakir Kundaan and Shabbir Naqid. These four writers have tried to assess the poetic works of Shadaab Siddiqi.They with love and respect have extolled his efforts in view of his subject matters, style, way of expression, deep feelings and aesthetic touches.

For readers and writers kind information, Shadaab’s fourth book is in the pipeline which is collection of Hamds and Na’ats.



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