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Is US still the only superpower in world?

By: Joseph Davis

“Many people thought that this day would never come, but it’s official  Russian President Putin will sell his Turkish NATO counterpart S-400 missiles, and there’s nothing that the US or NATO can do about it. This is a profound geo-military pivot for Turkey because it solidifies Russia’s role as the country’s high-level strategic partner for decades to come, considering that Russian experts will be relied on to provide maintenance, repairs, spare parts, and upgrades to these anti-aircraft systems.

Although nuanced and somewhat symbolic, the moves away from the US dollar as the world reserve currency are hard to deny. “Venezuela recently announced that it is de-dollarizing its future oil contracts and switching to euros and yuan instead”, Iran and Turkey have agreed to use their national currencies in trade to cut dependence on the dollar, and “China is expected shortly to launch a crude oil futures contract priced in yuan and convertible into gold…

China’s move will allow exporters such as Russia and Iran to circumvent U.S. sanctions by trading in yuan.” China also just established a payment versus payment system for yuan and Russian ruble transactions, which it plans to introduce for yuan transactions with other currencies based on China’s One Belt One Road initiative.

“China’s SDR inclusion is not going to turn the world upside-down overnight. And if it was just the inclusion of one more currency in the global reserve basket (and only 10% of the basket at that), then this wouldn’t be significant all by itself. But while you were sleeping another development came along that gestures to the potentially transformative nature of this SDR makeover.

 “As I explained before, this has been Beijing’s plan since the 2009 crisis: not to have the yuan replace the dollar as the global reserve, but to have the SDR replace the dollar. This allows the Chinese government to avoid having to liberalize the yuan or ease up on its rigid capital controls, but still gives it a seat at the table in a new global monetary order while simultaneously dethroning their best frenemy, the US. It’s win-win-win for China and, more importantly, win-win-win for the globalist oligarchs who want to bring in a New World Order of globally-administered currency.”

For the Western world, strong new alliances between certain non-Western countries constitute something of a mystery. But while the West is distracted by political uprisings and remains enamored with the idea of its own “manifest destiny,” a new world order is emerging, dominated by up-and-coming global superpowers like Russia, China and India.” …

“Most importantly, Israel is positioned to guard the world’s Internet. Everything today is traded, controlled and administered online. And Israel is emerging as the world’s number one guardian of the worldwide web. That means, regardless of being a few miles off-track from China’s Land and Maritime Roads, it is positioned to be the center of both belts.

Economists worry that China’s ambition could trigger a global economic collapse; a currency collapse, specifically. Maybe BRICS and One Belt One Road don’t care. A global currency collapse might be seen as a way to wipe the slate clean of nation-based currencies, especially the US dollar, and establish an international one: like Bitcoin, perhaps. If Bitcoin is the model for a new Internet-based global currency, Israel is likely to be its guardian too, protecting that currency from hackers around the world.

Israel’s domination of the usurious global banking sector and high technology industries through its Talpiot and Unit 8200 operations allow Israel to leverage immense power globally. This is   how Israel is able to play all sides on the global chessboard. Considering Israel’s close ties with Russia and China, the “multipolar world order” should be approached with high caution. Echoing some of what I quoted from Gearóid Ó Colmáin above regarding his solutions for Spain, we need to get back to Christ in the sense of understanding and enacting the natural law. On our current trajectory, we’re headed for disaster. A mass awakening is needed now more than ever.

Joseph Davis is an independent blogger from Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Global Village Space’s editorial policy.



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