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Renowned classical singer Ustad Fateh Ali Khan passes away

The music legend passed away after a long illness Ustad Fateh had been under treatment at Islamabad’s PIMS Hospital for the past 10 days and was suffering from a lungs disease. Born in 1935 in Patiala, he (at the age of 12) and his elder brother Amanat Ali Khan (at the age of 14) became the Maharaja’s chosen singers, at his ‘darbar’ or court. Being paid the handsome amount of Rs100 per month in the year 1946, he grew up in an environment where music was valued.

Nisar takes notice of Indians’ arrival in Badin without clearance

5 January,  2017: ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has taken notice of arrival of six Indian nationals at Badin airbase without security clearance. According to information received by the minister from security institutions, the Indian nationals had come to Badin as an advance team of a dignitary from the United Arab Emirates coming to Pakistan for hunting. Chaudhry Nisar took notice of the negligence of the Sindh government towards the rules and procedures for foreign guests coming to Pakistan for hunting.

According to a statement released by the interior ministry, it has sent a communication to the provincial governments and Pakistan’s missions abroad, directing them to implement the rules for hunting in letter and spirit. “It should be ensured that foreign staff coming with royal family (members) follows the rules for obtaining Pakistani visa,” the letter reads. It seeks to ensure that the staff of guests from abroad arrives at bigger airports, instead of coming to smaller bases.



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