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Pakistan won 1965 war

The war of 1965, fought between India and Pakistan, is quite significant in the history of both the countries. In Indian history it is there to serve as a reminder of the grave mistake in thinking that Pakistan could be conquered with a cowardly surprise attack. On the other hand, in the history of Pakistan, it is remembered as a glorious victory which sent a clear message to all the enemies of the country that Pakistan was not to be underestimated at any cost.
The sons of Pakistan proved that, not only were they capable of defending their motherland but they also had the capability to launch a counterattack. The likes of which would shame the enemy for good. The Indian plot of 1965 was to launch a surprise attack on Pakistan, which they did via Lahore. The Indian army general, drunk with power, boasted to celebrate their victory at Lahore Gymkhana, with their favorite brand of liquor. This naive dream was shattered by the quick response of the Pakistani armed forces, who successfully managed to drive them back. Unable to accept defeat, Indian army launched a second attack, and this time on Sialkot. This attack again failed miserably and the Indian army was sent back after suffering humiliating losses.
This battle, the battle of Chawinda, is regarded as the biggest tank battle since the Battle of Kursk in World War II. The war of 1965 was the first major show of strength for Pakistani forces, and the entire world was left in no doubt regarding their capabilities. Where, the ground forces fought the Battle of Chawinda, the Pakistani Air force unleashed its F-86 Sabre Flying Ace, Muhammad Mahmood Alam who shot down seven Indian aircraft including claims of two as probable. Five Hawker Hunter aircraft were shot down in one minute, of which four were brought down in 30 seconds.
On 7th September, a flotilla of the Pakistan Navy under the command of Commodore S.M. Anwar, carried out a bombardment on the Indian Navy’s radar station, coastal town of Dwarka, which was 200 miles (320 km) south to the Pakistani port of Karachi. Operation Dwarka, as it is known, is a significant naval operation of the 1965 war. The attack on Dwarka caused the Indian Navy to place a great question mark on their capabilities, and forced the Indian Parliament to raise the budget of its navy considerably. According to some Pakistani sources, one submarine, PNS Ghazi, kept the Indian Navy’s aircraft carrier INS Vikrant besieged in Bombay throughout the war. This cowardly attack by the Indian forces was laid to waste by the brave soldiers of the Pakistani armed forces, but this was not enough and it was decided that India should be taught a lesson.
As a result, Pakistan attacked India from Qasur and captured Khem Karan along with 1600 sq miles of Rajhastan. India had not anticipated this. They weren’t prepared for the Pakistani defense, let alone the offensive undertaken by the Pakistani forces. India soon realized the magnitude of its mistake, and rushed to UN to ask Pakistan to withdraw its forces. This action in itself is proof enough to call India as defeated, as they had to seek the support of UN to defend its boundaries.
This Pakistani victory was too much for Indian Prime Minister, Bahadur Laal Shastri, as he passed away from a heart attack following this war. It is said that on his deathbed he said that Indian intentions were to capture Pakistani territories and that they had not anticipated the loss of their own Indian territories.



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