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Pakistan Rejects Indian Hegemony

Indian hostility towards Pakistan has continued, ever since its inception in 1947. The word ‘fair’ is not in Indian dictionary, which is evident from Indian dealings with Pakistan. Pakistan was denied its due share of resources at the time of partition, and the states willing to join Pakistan or with Muslim majority were annexed by India.
One such state was Kashmir, and the people of Indian occupied Kashmir have since then been subject to the worst form of state sponsored terrorism possible. The right of Kashmiri people to determine their fate has been denied by India and demands for a plebiscite to be held in the valley are audaciously shunned. It seems that India has decided that it will not let this region remain in peace and will resort to any means to bully and terrorize its neighbors. This fact is clear from the statements of Indian ruling party’s Politicians and the Prime Minister of India along with its war mongering ministers and advisors.
Mr. Subramanian Swamy expresses his desire to disintegrate Pakistan into many small parts while reflecting back on India’s role in forming Bangladesh. Similarly, Mr. Ajit Doval the Indian security Advisor urges Indian government to adopt defensive offensive and offensive defense strategies to achieve its designs and create a situation so that Pakistan may lose Baluchistan. It is strange that the champions of peace while reviving the ‘do more’ mantra against Pakistan and urging Pakistan, the only country to have made significant progress against terrorism, to do more against terrorist, turn a blind eye to India’s desire of causing unrest in Pakistan. It seems that the will to curb global terrorism is tied to a country’s usefulness to the American cause. For instance, this mantra of ‘do more’ has been started again to appease India while ignoring all evidence that suggests that Pakistan has already done enough in curbing terrorism, and in fact, the only form of terrorism that remains is the one being supported by India.
This statement can be backed by the testimony of Kulbhushan Yadav(KY), a commander rank serving officer of Indian Navy, who was caught inside Balochistan. He was operating a RAW sponsored terror network with his fictitious name Hussain Mubarik Patel and his testimony provided significant insight into the Indian sponsored terrorism on Pakistani soil. He clearly stated in his confession that he had started gathering intelligence in 2003 by setting up a small business in Iran. From Iran, he was able to visit Karachi a few times and was eventually picked up by RAW (Indian intelligence agency) to cause unrest and to coordinate terrorist activities in Karachi and Balochistan. He confessed that he was working with Anil Gupta who is the joint secretary of RAW and that he was involved in activities of criminal nature, leading to killing of or maiming of Pakistani citizens. He confessed that the entire Hundi and Hawala operations are undertaken from Delhi and Mumbai via Dubai into Pakistan. He also pointed out that finances were also handled from Indian consulates in Jalalabad, Kandhar and Consulate in Zahidan. In line with his confessionary statement, Hazara and Shia Muslims who move around for pilgrimage between Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan were to be targeted and killed alongside workers of FWO engaged in construction of various projects within Balochistan. He confessed that Anil had been sponsoring sectarian violence across Sindh and Balochistan and had played a part in the assassination of SSP Chaudhary (Mohammad Aslam).
These distressing confessions by an acting Indian Navy officer are enough to prove that India is involved in spreading cross border terrorism, however, that does not matter as long as India serves American interest. Instead the champion of peace and democracy are content in declaring freedom fighters as terrorists in order to please the real supporter of terrorism. This measure is evident in the underlying hypocrisy of the war on terror. The title of terrorist, it seems, will be handed out based on political affiliations and economic interests rather than the reality of their actions. Such hegemonic designs are of deep concern to Pakistan, and India along with its ‘powerful’ friends should be warned that Pakistan will not take such actions lightly, and will take necessary measures to defend its national interests. Pakistan has already made it clear that it will continue to support Kashmir and its right for freedom and will not tolerate Indian sponsored terrorism on Pakistani soil.



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