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India’s plot to strong arm Pakistan backfires

India under the extreme regime of BJP, similar to Nazi one, has adopted a non-development plan for the entire South Asian region. It seems that the BJP government being led by Mr. NarendraModi has made it his life’s goal to prepare Indian nation for a war by warning that all of India’s’ neighbors are planning to attack her and this strategy is working well for him, by keeping him in power but not for India. Mr. Modis cabinet is filled with extreme and callous people who have displayed the greatest amount of hatred towards Muslims and secondly towards all non-Hindus. They have openly admitted to sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan and a senior cabinet member has openly stated that they will not refrain from providing ISIS with nuclear weapons if it means destroying Pakistan. While having openly admitting to sponsoring terrorism, Mr. Modi’s government blames Pakistan of adopting an extreme stance towards India.

Despite the fact that the Cold Start Doctrine was made at a time Pakistan and India’s relation did not face any friction and its renewed edition coming out at a time when Pakistan is neutralizing Indian sponsored terror, Pakistan is still pushing for a peaceful resolution to whatever problem that India’s delusional leadership has with Pakistan. Indian extremist government continues to justify its heinous crimes in Indian Occupied Kashmir and at the same time continues to work against any development in the region which might benefit everyone. Indian backed terrorists have constantly been targeting everything related to CPEC in Pakistan, while making blatant threats to Pakistan and China. Most recent of which was by releasing a renewed version of Cold Start Doctrine where India claims that it will attack Pakistan with much force and will occupy most of Pakistan’s territory. Simultaneously, India has expressed desire to sabotage CPEC by entering Pakistan through Wah Khan belt.

In response to this, Pakistan has made clear that it is ready to respond to any aggression from India by not only defending its own territory but also by occupying Indian land. Pakistan military leadership has made clear that they stand on high alert and will respond in an equal manner if provoked. Meanwhile, India in a show of power has challenged China as well, which has proven to be too much, as India is not in a fit state to challenge Pakistan in a conventional war and China stands in a whole other league. China has engaged India through Sikkim and Laddak. In the standoff which started in June, China has called Indian bluff of challenging both China and Pakistan while addressing internal disputes as well. It seems that India had overestimated its relationship with the US and operated under the illusion that the US will render its support to India against China, however, the West has chosen to remain quiet in this matter so far.

India is facing tremendous pressure from the Chinese side to back down and learn from its past mistake of challenging China. While India seems to be responding with fiery words, it lacks the military power and technology to take on China and might end up losing a lot if it comes to a conflict. America will not intervene unless its direct sovereign interests are challenged as in the case of the South China Sea dispute, however, it will never send its marines to defend India’s interest in this region against China. Particularly, at a time when the West faces a direct threat from North Korea, and China remains a crucial element to de-escalate the matter. In this manner India’s bid to strong arm Pakistan has terribly backfired and as a result India stands vulnerable.

China has made it clear that it will give India a clear ultimatum in a matter of days to vacate the area and if India refuses to comply then it will be responsible for what comes next. If India is forced back from this area and China builds its road then India’s defense will be greatly weakened and it’s land will become vulnerable. Pakistan China alliance has greatly strengthened and it is at an all-time high, it’s said that it is stronger than that of NATO in its best days. In such a scenario India should refrain from making tall claims which it cannot deliver on.



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