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What do Bosnians think of Pakistanis?

Abu Ahmed, lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina Pakistan! Pakistani people!

What to say, I really don’t know, since everything I write would be understatement how much we appreciate help from Pakistan, when we needed it most… I won’t go too deep into details, instead, I will only say that just “Green Arrows” turned the tide in battle against Serbian tanks in our favor, because before of arrival of those missiles, we didn’t have much to stand against a lot of steel monsters (tanks), which Serian military had in abundance.But one day, as God wanted it, just when we received those, there was a major tank attack on our positions near the town of Doboj. Serbian attack was stopped effectively (our commander was very clever, allowing all Serbian tanks to cross the bridge that they just lowered over small river and ordered fire only when the last armored vehicle crossed).
When destruction of tanks and other armored vehicles started, their commander, the colonel Slavko Lisica was shocked…but there was no way back, as only one vehicle could cross bridge at a time. None of those tanks survived and they never tried to attack there again.
After Dayton Peace Accord was signed, some of the destroyed tanks were in territory under Republika Srpska administration line and they were removed swiftly, as to not serve as a reminder of a major defeat. But some stayed inside the aministrative line of Federation of BiH and they are still there, visible by any bypasser who travels on major road to Sarajevo. We keep them there and are making sure they don’t get eaten by rust. Minutes after battle…So, what was the question again? Oh, I remember, about Pakistanis… here is the answer: WE LOVE YOU, YOU ARE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!! May Allah reward you from saving this, and many other places in Bosnia, to not get overun by heavy armor and thus, preventing many other possible massacres. If anyone else answers and gives you different answer, then I can guarantee you that that person was in the military whose tanks were getting blown up by Pakistani missiles, or, was/is their supporter:)There was not many cameras at that time but this vide shows how one of them got busted: And last but not least… Three Pakistanis died in war in Bosnia. May Allah s.w.t grant them Jannah. I wish I could say something more meaningful…but, when it comes to that, I have no adequate words to express my feelings of gratitude.
Forgot to mention another big thing: Pakistan wrote off Bosnian “debt” of $20 million (I put quotations marks on word debt, since Pakistan actually never expected that money back). It was just another clever way to help us with fighting, without giving weapons. They knew we could find who is going to sell us weapons regardless of embargo (Croatia, even Serbia at few occasions). Once again, thank you!
I might add here, that the first Pakistani Ambassador to Bosnia was our course mate Maj Gen M Rashid Beg who told us how he organised the supply of these missiles despite all arms embargo on Bosnia by the West. Also, I had the occasion and was asked come and to discuss the Bosnian war with five of the Bosnian fighters at our neighbour’s house, who stated that they were under strength and under equipped. I had suggested the technique of letting the Serb tanks go past even overhead their missile trenches and take them from the rear. We did this in the 1965 war with India with good results. I was happy when after this attack mentioned in the narrative, I was sent a message (through our neighbour) ‘we’ve done it’! And yes with this attempt, the Bosnians not only stopped further tank attacks, but turned the tide of war. When the President of Bosnia visited Pakistan later, he specially visited Gen Rashid Beg at his residence to pay respects and thank him. Great of the Bosnian President.



  1. Pakistan is not just a country like the others. If you translate it into Arabic, it becomes Tayyab Madina. It was created on the name of Allah and by its definition, every Muslim is a Pakistani. There are many incidents regarding Pakistan’s spiritual dimensions. Talk about Bosnia, I wish I could visit the land of Imam Shamil (May Allah be pleased with him) and meet his people. I have watched you people giving respect to Prophet’s Bowl (PBUH).


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