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70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

28 Sep, 2015: Secretary-General’s message regarding the 70th anniversary of the United Nations

rengthen our collective resolve to do more to promote peace and security, sustainable development and human rights.
Every day, the United Nations makes a positive difference for millions of people: vaccinating children; distributing food aid; sheltering refugees; deploying peacekeepers; protecting the environment; seeking the peaceful resolution of disputes and supporting democratic elections, gender equality, human rights and the rule of law.

Monthly Interaction
The challenges of our times transcend borders and require complex solutions reached through negotiation and compromise. The theme of this anniversary year — “Strong UN. Better World” — captures the importance of multilateralism and the essential role of the United Nations.
Only when we work together can we overcome shared threats and seize shared opportunities; only at the United Nations can all countries  large and small, rich and poor  and all people have their voices heard.  In our rapidly changing world, the United Nations remains humankind’s invaluable instrument of common progress.  Let us use this anniversary to reflect on the lessons of seven decades, and reaffirm our commitment to serve “we the peoples” and build lives of prosperity, security and dignity for all.
U.N. Secretary  called for a political solution to the war in Syria that has left more than 200,000 dead and unleashed a torrent of refugees that is straining resources in Europe and elsewhere “The global humanitarian system is not broken; it is broke,” he said. He also urged the world to unite against the “blatant brutality” of extremist groups, such as the Islamic State, and urged the international community to pressure Israel and Palestinians to end their long conflict.

– World leaders recommit to modernize 120,000-strong UN peacekeeping force
– African leaders highlight UN’s ability to support countries and rid world of fear and violence
– Palestinian flag flies at UN for first time

High-level UN event tackles biggest refugee and migration crisis
 since Second World War
30 September 2015  As the world confronts the biggest refugee and migration crisis since the Second World War, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today convened a high-level meeting on the issue and outlined eight guiding principles to improve preparedness.
“We must step up our work to prevent and stop wars and persecution. But we know that conflicts will not disappear overnight. More people will flee crisis, and people will keep moving in search of better opportunities. We must be better prepared,” Mr. Ban toldparticipants.
Mr. Ban outlined eight guiding principles to improve preparedness, beginning with saving lives. “The preservation of life must guide all our efforts, from asylum policies to robust search-and-rescue mechanisms,” he stated.
Also vital is protection; non-discrimination; preparedness to better adjudicate claims; responsibility sharing in terms of boosting the number of refugee resettlement places; better cooperation between countries of origin, transit and destination; managed migration to ensure safe and legal channels for refugees and migrants; anticipating future challenges  including the plight of those escaping areas progressively ravaged by climate change.
“Together, we must translate these principles into reality,” Mr. Ban stressed.
Recalling the haunting photograph of a lifeless Syrian toddler laying on a Turkish beach, the Secretary-General said such an image, while symbolizing deficiencies and failures, can also catalyse solutions.
“Let us make sure that the heartbreaking death of Aylan Kurdi  and so many other nameless tragedies  compel us to move forward together and see the long-term benefits of integrating refugees and migrants.”



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