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Over 400 men connected to Yadav nabbed in Pakistan

Pakistani security forces have arrested more than 400 people/saboteurs belonging to Kulbushan Yadav network operating in Pakistan for over a decade. Soon after the arrest of Kulbushan, three Indian engineers working in Ramzan Sugar Mills of Sharif family have been arrested.

Initially, two engineers were arrested while the third engineer was also arrested later on when Yadav pointed out that three Indian working with Sharifs’ sugar mill are part of his network in Pakistan.

Seven Iranians are also among more than 400 persons taken into custody, so far, by Pakistani military forces, sources shared this development with Corporate Ambassador. Arrests have been made from all the four provinces, especially Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh. The recent arrests have been made from Hub city of Balochistan.

Iranians have been arrested from the Southern Punjab who are believed to be the part of the RAW-agent’s network in Pakistan. These Iranians were living illegally in Southern Punjab, Pakistan.6 Indian Intelligence Directorates operating from Iran.

According to sources, six Indian directorates are operating in Iran out of which four are focusing on Pakistan while two are ‘taking care’ of China, Sri Lanka, etc. Out of four Indian directorates located in Iran, one is dedicated for Balochistan especially the China-Pak Economic Corridor while remaining three directorates are responsible to pursue their nasty mission in remaining provinces of Pakistan.

Sources said that at present Pakistan Army and FC personnel are totally focusing on rounding up the network of Kulbushan Yadav throughout Pakistan. Even in Punjab the military officials are running after the members of the Yadav network for Rangers and Punjab Police are arresting militants and their facilitators.,

According to sources, so far, none of the key politician had been arrested in connection with the Yadav network, but in coming days, some politicians who were supporting and facilitating Kulbushan network would be rounded up. It is pre-mature to say at this time whether or not Pakistan army would take any action against Sharifs after the arrest of Indian engineers from their sugar mill.

SCOOP of Pak military

Analysts in Pakistan and abroad have termed the arrest of Kalbushan Yadav a big scoop of Pakistan military that was achieved soon after the appointment of Gen. Aamir Riaz, Commander Southern Command (Corps Commander of Quetta).

The arrest of Yadav has exposed the RAW’s biggest and years-old network in Pakistan and after this development, Pakistan is now in a very strong position to prove the involvement of India in terrorism and militancy in Pakistan, said sources. Security forces in Balochistan arrested Indian Navy officer working for the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) Kalbushan Yadav.

He said the RAW officer had been shifted to Islamabad for interrogation, as he was suspected of involvement in various acts of terrorism and other subversive activities in Balochistan. “The spy had links with separatist elements in Balochistan,” said the security official.

The official added that the individual was also involved in acts of sectarian terrorism and terror attacks in Karachi. Balochistan Home Minister Mir Sarfaraz Bugti confirmed the arrest of an Indian spy from the southern part of the province. “The arrest has proved Indian involvement in Balochistan”, Bugti said. Bugti added that the Indian spy was sponsoring terrorist and subversive activities in Balochistan.

Bugti last year claimed RAW and NDS are behind the funding and training of Baloch Republican Army (BRA) militants. Kulbhushan Yadav (also spelled Kulbhushan Jadev or Kul Bhushan Yadav alias Hussain Mubarak Patel is an Indian Navy officer arrested in Balochistan, Pakistan over spying for Research and Analysis Wing intelligence agency and running the biggest network of terrorists. Pakistan believes that Yadav is an in-service commander-ranked officer in the Indian Navy.

Confessions & activities of Yadav

According to Pakistani officials, Yadav was deputed in Chabahar, Iran. In 2003 he got a new identity: Hussain Mubarak Patel and came to Balochistan. Officials claim that his job was to destabilise Pakistan by strengthening a separatist movement in Balochistan and Karachi a mission which officially began in 2013.

According to Pakistani media, during interrogation Yadav revealed that at Wad, Balochistan (Attaullah & Akhtar Mengal’s home village), he was in contact with Haji Baloch, who provided financial and logistic support to Baloch separatists and the IS network in Karachi. He also said that the masterminds of the Safoora Bus Attack, where gunmen shot dead 45 Ismaili passengers, were also in contact with Baloch.

Yadav added that he had met Baloch several times, sometimes for planning sectarian violence in Karachi and the rest of Sindh. According to DG ISPR, Yadav’s goal was to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), with Gwadar port as a special target, and also to create disharmony among the Baloch nationalist political parties.

Yadav had also purchased boats at the Iranian port in Chabahar in order to target Karachi and Gwadar ports in a terrorist plot. According to Pakistani officials, Yadav is an expert at Naval fighting techniques.

On 3 April, it was reported that Iran was investigating whether Yadav crossed the Pakistan-Iran border illegally, after the matter was taken up by Pakistani officials in Hassan Rouhani’s visit to Islamabad.


Yadav, in a joint conference held by DG Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Lt Gen Asim Bajwa and Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid among other officials admitted that the Indian secret agency RAW is involved in destabilising Pakistan. During the video he confessed that he a serving officer of the Indian Navy and was working in Pakistan at the behest of RAW.

Referring to the video, General Bajwa said, Yadav’s activities were “nothing short of state-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan. In the video Yadav appears relaxed as he acknowledges that he launched a covert operation against Pakistan from the Iranian port of Chabahar, for which he used to get instructions from RAW’s joint secretary Anil Gupta. He also admitted that RAW had been funding the Baloch separatists for the Balochistan insurgency. Yadav, in the video released by Pakistan said;

“I am still a serving officer in the Indian Navy and will be due for retirement in 2022. By 2002, I commenced intelligence operations. In 2003, I established a small business in Chabahar in Iran. As I was able to achieve undetected existence and visits to Karachi in 2003 and 2004 and, having done some basic assignments within India for RAW, I was picked up by RAW in 2013.”

In the video, Yadav revealed that he has been directing various activities in Karachi and Balochistan on instruction from RAW since 2013 and confessed of playing a role in deteriorating law and order situation of Karachi. While giving details of these activities, Yadav said; “These activities have been of anti-national or terrorist nature which resulted in the killing and wounding of Pakistani citizens.” However, India has rejected the video confession of Yadav. Union Minister Kiren Rijiju claimed, “It was a completely doctored video, fake video made by Pakistan. They are just cooking up stories and doctoring videos to defame India.



  1. The entire Pakistan political and defense hierarchy has been in the thrall of the CIA thence Zion since forever, else explain how US drones are permitted to carry out genocidal bombing raids at will, against ground targets in that country.

    The Pakistan connection to the 911 attacks is well documented, insofar as the head of the Pakistan Intelligence Services General Mahmoud Ahmed, was the one who wired $100,000 the so called “Smoking Gun,” to Mohammed Atta the alleged lead hijacker.

    We know Jews perpetrated the attacks, as well we know the dearth of 911 truth from Pakistan’s Moslem community, identifies the lot as unbelievers of the worst kind for failing to “hurl truth,” as per the instruction in the Koran.

    That anyone in this nation of disbelievers has the temerity to make accusations of “spying” in the face of 911 Truth, boggles the mind ..

    If the Pakis were fair dinkum they would declare war on the US, arrest the entire politbureau of traitors holed out in the ISI, every member of the political alliance that tolerates the drone strikes..

    The entire news dissemination apparatus that similarly spurns the truth, and every Jew in the land as enemy infrastructure.


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